Jobs for over 50s

If you’re looking to change jobs or rejoin the workforce in your 50s, you’re not alone. A common misconception is that after you turn 50, it’s ‘too late’ to change jobs. However, this is not the case.

One study found 90% of over 50s are looking for a career change.1 Another concluded 91% of unemployed people aged between 50 and 64 are planning to return to the job market. 2

This guide will highlight some of the benefits and provide some top tips on how to overcome different challenges of changing jobs or rejoining the workforce in your 50s. We’ve also included a list of different jobs you could consider.

Tips on changing jobs in your 50s

Maybe you were made redundant and are looking for a role that you can start as soon as possible. Perhaps you’re looking to supplement your household income or to find a slower paced job before retirement. Many find their priorities change over time and factors such as flexibility and finding a work life balance becomes more of a requirement than an optional benefit.

It may have been a while since you’ve had to think about how to prepare for changing jobs. If you’re struggling to write a CV, check out our Support Worker CV template or our Care Assistant CV template to help you write a great CV for your next role. If you want to develop your skills, the Government’s National Careers Service skills toolkit offers a range of free resources.

Benefits of changing jobs for over 50s

There are many benefits to re-entering the workforce or changing jobs for over 50s including:

  • Helping plan for your future – changing roles or re-entering the workforce in your later years is a great way to supplement your household income, allowing you to plan for your future. This could include making more pension contributions or paying off your mortgage
  • Learning new skills – starting a new job in your 50s gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and refresh your existing skills too. This could include taking part in training courses or completing a new qualification
  • Finding purpose – many people want their job to have purpose and meaning. Working in a meaningful job you enjoy offers a sense of achievement
  • To reduce stress – a major reason why a lot of over 50s change jobs is stress. Many over 50s choose to change from their current positions to a role in a less stressful environment

Challenges of changing jobs for over 50s

Despite the benefits of changing jobs in your 50s, it may be difficult for some. Here are some challenges you may face and some tips on how to overcome them:

  • Upskilling – you may feel as though you’re ‘out of the game’ and don’t have the right skills to change jobs or start a new job. Be confident. You’re already likely to have a variety of skills from previous work or life experiences. If you want to expand your current skills, you could take an online course or complete a new qualification
  • Taking the leap – feeling like you’re starting over at 50 can be daunting. You may think you’re too old to make this change, it may not be the best thing for your loved ones, or that you won’t be successful. Many who do make the change feel life is too short to not take chances. Do your research and make sure it’s a role you’re passionate in. It could also be beneficial to compile a list of your achievements and experiences to give you the confidence to take the leap
  • Digital knowledge – the development of technology has meant employers often look for experience or knowledge of different types of technology or software in many roles. If you have limited digital knowledge, this could make changing or starting a new job challenging. To overcome this, there’s an extensive range of training videos, courses or classes you can take part in to widen your digital knowledge

Care & support jobs for over 50s

If you’re passionate about helping people and want a rewarding job in your 50s, working in care and support could be a great fit for you! Whether that be helping elderly people or supporting those with different disabilities, care work is a great job for over 50s.

There are two jobs which could be right for you.

The role of a Care Worker includes helping the elderly to be more independent. You could assist them with washing, bathing, administering medication or even just being a companion for them.

The role of a Support Worker involves supporting people with different disabilities to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This role includes supporting service users in their home with different tasks or helping them get out into the community.

At Alina Homecare, we have a range of different Care Worker and Support Worker roles. There’s no need to worry about your age as many members of our Teams are over 50. We offer both full time and part time roles to suit you. Being a part of our Team also means you’ll earn a competitive salary, access to our pension scheme and to our rewards programme, offering you big discounts on top brands.  

With our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy, we’ll provide you with all the training you’ll need. No previous experience or qualifications are necessary. If you have a positive can do attitude and want to make a difference, contact your local Alina Homecare Team to learn more today!

5 jobs for over 50s

There are many different jobs for over 50s. The Government’s Mid Life MOTs initiative is a good resource to use to help you decide what type role would best suit you and your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a less stressful job or finding a better work life balance, you could consider a part time role. If you’re looking to make a difference and for your work to have meaning, you could consider working in a role where you help people. Whatever your reason, there’s a job out there for you. Here are some examples:

Driving instructor

If you’re confident behind the wheel and love to help others feel the same, why not consider becoming a driving instructor? You’d help people of all ages and abilities to develop their skills and confidence on the road. This is a great job if you’re looking for a flexible position.

However, becoming a driving instructor can be costly. Legally, you would either have to purchase a new car or adapt your current car for it to have a dual control system. Also, there are many other ongoing expenses such as specialist insurance, fuel and regular servicing.


If you have good customer service skills and are looking for a busy or active role, working in retail could be a great fit for you. Often, you can choose to work part time or full time, allowing you to find a work life balance. In retail, there are a range of positions you could apply for. Perhaps you’re looking to use your skills in a managerial role or if you’re looking for a role with less stress, a cashier could be a great option too.

However, a role in retail may mean you could work some weekends or holidays which is hard to avoid. Additionally, it’s quite a demanding job as you could be on your feet for hours at a time. Standing behind a cash register for a long period of time could cause your legs and back to ache.

Pet sitter

Do you love animals? Why not turn this passion into a rewarding job as a pet sitter? Being your own boss, you can choose to work full time or part time. The responsibilities can include dog walking, taking the animals to the vets or just popping in to feed them. Working with animals is a great way to reduce stress.

On the other hand, there is little job security in this role and there’s a high amount of competition. Moreover, it isn’t a high paying job. If you’re planning to save money for your retirement, this may not be the role for you.


A delivery courier holding a box

Being a courier is another example of an ideal job for over 50s. This role includes a lot of walking which is a great way to keep active and reduce stress levels. A lot of the time, the hours aren’t long and are flexible. There’s also high demand for applicants. If you have a full UK driving license, no other qualifications or skills are necessary.

However, being a courier comes with its disadvantages. Firstly, no matter the weather you’ll have to work which could mean delivering parcels in the rain or snow which may not be safe. Also, the hours could be unsociable as this role can require very early starts.


Perhaps you’re interested in becoming a nanny or a childminder? If you’re a parent or just love being around children, this could be a great job for you! This role includes helping children of all ages with tasks such as homework, cooking dinner or even just taking them too or from school. This could be based either within your home or their family home.

However, to be able to work with children you must have an enhanced DBS check which if you’re self employed or your employer doesn’t fund it, can be costly. Additionally, if you’re self employed you’re required by law to have Public Liability Insurance to work with children which again, can be costly.

If helping people sounds like a role you’d be interested in but you don’t want to work with children, why not consider a job in care or support services?


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