Weekend jobs to earn extra income

Working at the weekends is a great way to earn some extra money. Perhaps you’re looking to supplement your weekly income or looking to rejoin the workforce with a weekend only job? Whatever your reason, there are many different weekend jobs out there for you!

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose to work either full time or part time. If you’re busy throughout the week with other commitments and can only work at the weekend, there are many full time weekend jobs available. Or perhaps you’re looking for a part time weekend job that allows you to have valuable time off during the day, enabling you to reach that important ‘work life’ balance.

At Alina Homecare, we have many Care Assistant and Support Worker weekend vacancies available. Enjoy great pay, flexible hours and access our exclusive Alina Homecare Training Academy. If you’re looking for a job where you can make a difference, apply now and be amazing!

Carers who have weekend jobs

All types of weekend jobs have some great benefits. They can enable you to expand your professional network, make new friends and gain further experience.

Whether you already have other commitments during the week or you’re just looking to work some hours at the weekend, this guide will explore the different jobs you can do at the weekend. Get started today and earn up to £1,000 working three weekends a month!

What’s the difference between a full time and a part time weekend job?

The main difference between these types of employment is that they have different terms regarding the hours you can work.

A full time job requires you to work more hours than a part time job. The number of hours someone with a full time weekend job works can vary. However, on average it’s around 16 hours per weekend.

With a full time weekend job, there’s often more structure regarding your working hours. Part time employees may find themselves working more irregular hours compared to full time employees.

A part time job is any employment which requires fewer hours of work within a week compared to a full time job. The number of hours again varies from job to job. Part time weekend jobs are often more flexible than full time positions and can be found in most industries. This type of employment may be beneficial for you if you have other responsibilities. For instance, if you’re a parent or work during the week.

What are the benefits of full time weekend jobs?

Having a full time weekend job comes with many advantages, including:

Perks and benefits

The UK labour law requires all employers to treat both full time and part time employees alike. However, this is not always the case as the law provides an exemption to this. This exemption allows employers to withhold benefits for part time employees more easily. Some of these benefits may include:

  • Health insurance
  • Death in service cover
  • Income protection
  • Critical illness cover
  • Pension schemes

Structured working hours

Although working in a part time weekend job may offer a more flexible and malleable working schedule, this doesn’t suit everyone. Often, your working hours may be uncertain meaning it could be more difficult to organise other engagements and responsibilities into your schedule. Most of the time however, full time weekend jobs offer fixed working hours, providing predictability.

Fixed pay

Another benefit that comes with a full time weekend job is fixed pay. Full time employees receive annual salaries which are divided and paid throughout the year. Typically, you’d be paid monthly however this differs from job to job. This ensures a fixed amount of income, offering financial security. This means budgeting and saving can be easier.

What are the benefits of part time weekend jobs?

There are many benefits to having a part time weekend job, including:

Find your ‘work life’ balance

Finding that perfect balance between your work life and your personal life can be challenging. Research shows that up to 98% of Brits think their ‘work life’ balance is highly important. 1 Working part time can allow you to have more flexibility and therefore more time to focus on your other responsibilities or goals.

Many of our Care and Support Workers also work hard during the week being mums or supporting their families. Working part time at the weekend helps some of them juggle their personal and professional responsibilities in a way that can suit their lifestyle.

Increase your earning potential

Working part time at the weekend can also enable you to work more than one job, thereby increasing your earning potential. You can expand your skills and expertise and in doing so, access more opportunities.

With our competitive salaries and plenty of perks, a part time weekend job at Alina Homecare can significantly increase your spending power by up to £1,000 a month.

Maintaining your mental and physical health

Working part time is a great way to maintain your own personal wellbeing due to working less hours within a week. This is great if you are looking to come out of retirement or if you are a parent for example, as it allows you to earn an income without the stress of a full time contract.

What type of part time weekend jobs are available?

There is a wide range of different weekend jobs that you can apply for in many different sectors including:


Tutoring is increasingly sought after by people who want to learn extra skills or by parents looking to support their children. If you have knowledge or passion for a particular skill, hobby or subject area, this can be a great way to earn some extra money on the weekend.

Despite this, you may require specialist equipment that you potentially don’t have access to in order to teach certain skills or subjects. Moreover, you may also need a dedicated workspace within your home, which you may not have.

Retail and restaurants

With an abundance of shops and restaurants on your doorstep, there are often numerous opportunities to pick up some shifts on the weekend at your local coffee shop or restaurant. This type of customer facing work is highly valuable and can lead to different opportunities.

Although this type of work can be great, it can be very intense. You will constantly be with customer after customer with potentially few breaks in between.


Freelancing is also a great way to secure additional income. Typically, it allows you to be your own boss and work flexibly to suit your lifestyle.

However, with this comes the fact you won’t be entitled to any holiday pay or maternity leave for instance due to being self employed.

Cleaning services

Working as a cleaner is a great example of a part time weekend job for you to earn some extra money. This role can include helping with chores or cleaning office spaces on the weekend.

If you enjoy cleaning, you could even consider a Care Worker job! Some of our services include helping out with light household chores from laundry to cooking. If this sounds like a role you are interested in, apply today!

What weekend jobs can I do working at Alina Homecare?

Working in care and support is highly rewarding for both full time and part time workers. You’ll make a real difference and provide a positive contribution to people’s lives.

There are many different jobs available at Alina Homecare, catering to people of different needs and abilities, ranging from Home Care to Disability Support. Care and support doesn’t stop at the weekend so there are many full time and part time weekend jobs available.

Home Care Worker

Home Care Worker jobs involve providing help at home, support with individual needs or just being a friendly face for clients who typically are elderly. This allows them to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Many elderly people prefer to stay at home for as long as possible as that is where they feel the most comfortable. Being a Care Worker makes this possible.

The role of a Care Worker often involves different responsibilities depending on what assistance the client requires. This can include:

  • Companionship – being a friendly face
  • Personal Care – washing & dressing
  • Medication – reminders & collecting prescriptions
  • Mealtimes – preparing balanced meals
  • Housework – laundry & cleaning
  • Mobility – assistance getting around

Do I need experience to be a weekend Care Worker?

No! You don’t need to have any specific qualifications or experience to become a Care Worker at Alina Homecare. You just need to pass enhanced background checks and have the right to work in the UK.

We will provide you with all the training you need. All we require is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Most of our roles, however, require a driver’s licence and access to a vehicle to travel between clients. If you can’t drive or don’t have access to a vehicle, contact our jobs Team to see if your local branch has any walking vacancies.

Why become a weekend Care Worker at Alina Homecare?

Becoming a Care Worker at Alina Homecare is a fulfilling and rewarding weekend job. You’ll make a difference by improving the quality of life of many people. You’ll earn great pay and also make a difference. As we understand the importance of being flexible, you can work hours that suit your lifestyle.

We offer a competitive salary, with increased rates when working at the weekend. Not only will you receive great pay, but you will also have access to our exclusive rewards programme, offering you big discounts on top brands and free wellbeing resources.

At Alina Homecare, we invest in you. Once you become a part of our Team, you’ll be enrolled in our exclusive Alina Homecare Training Academy where you’ll develop and grow your skills.

Disability Support Worker

As a Disability Support Worker, you’ll have a direct role in helping service users reach their individual ambitions. You’ll support these people who may have different physical and mental disabilities to improve their quality of life by offering both emotional and physical support.

Each role differs depending on the requirements of the client they are supporting, tailored to their individual needs. This includes:

  • Attending appointments – to provide support
  • Going to day centres – for fun activities
  • Day trips out – such as picnics & bowling
  • Taking medication – creating routines & collecting prescriptions
  • Preparing meals – ensuring a balanced diet is maintained
  • Personal Care – maintaining good hygiene & getting ready for the day

Do I need experience to be a weekend Support Worker?

No! To make a difference and become a Support Worker at Alina Homecare, you just need to pass enhanced background checks and have the right to work in the UK.

We’ll provide you with extensive training to enable you to deliver the best quality support possible. You’ll work with our fun and supportive Team who will help you every step of the way. You will just need to have a positive attitude and enthusiasm to learn.

Why become a weekend Support Worker at Alina Homecare?

Being a weekend Support Worker is both a rewarding and fun role, enabling you to support people with a range of disabilities to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. It can be a great option for a weekend job, because our service users need support every day of the week.

We understand the importance of your personal development and growth which is why you will receive our extensive training. We want you to achieve greatness. At Alina Homecare, we also offer you a competitive salary, paid holiday and access to our exclusive reward scheme.

How much does a weekend Care or Support Worker get paid?

The salary earned by a Care or Support Worker varies from business to business. It can depend on your experience and the area in which you are based. It also depends on if you work within the public sector, for instance being an NHS Care or Support Worker, or if you work for a private organisation.

At Alina Homecare, we offer a competitive salary for both our Care and Support Workers. Your salary depends on different factors. This included the hours you choose to work and also on where you live. For our part time weekend workers, we ask that you commit to a minimum of 10 hours a week.

We are proud to offer enhanced pay when working at the weekend and you will also be a part of our reward programme. You can earn up to £1,000 a month working part time at the weekends at Alina Homecare!

To learn more about the salary of a Care Worker at Alina Homecare, we suggest chatting with our helpful Jobs Team.

How to apply for a weekend Care or Support Worker job?

We have many exciting opportunities available to become either a Care Worker or a Support Worker. If you would like to find out more about these roles, visit our Care or Support Worker jobs page or chat with our Jobs Team to find out more. If this sounds like a role you are interested in, apply today!


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