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Support… with ambition

Sarah attended a specialist residential school after suffering a serious brain injury. She stayed with her grandparents in the summer holidays – we were contacted to help with all aspects of her daily life from feeding, drinking, breathing and mobility. Our trained staff, with input from Sarah and her family, created a structured support plan to ensure her needs were met and importantly she enjoyed a great quality of life.

In just 6 short weeks, Sarah accomplished her dreams from having her nails done, going to discos and even celebrating her birthday at Harry Potter Studios! It was an unforgettable summer holiday for Sarah, filled with many memories.  

Sam had made valuable friendships with other people who used our services, so Alina Homecare staff and his family suggested that he considered moving into supported living accommodation.

Support… at home

Elizabeth was born with a learning disability at a time when institutionalised care was the only option. She spent 60 years in a variety of hospitals and care home settings. Changing attitudes, government policy and the advent of supported living ensured Elizabeth was able to move into her own home and with our support she has taken her rightful place in the community. She is a bright, lively, loving and charismatic lady whose life has been transformed in the process. Watch our short film to see how Elizabeth has transformed.

Support… with loneliness

Sam, a social and active individual who has acute epilepsy, was extremely excited to move back into his family home after his residential school placement had ended. Whilst enjoying being at home he still showed signs of frustration and described himself as lonely.

Support… in the community

Part of our role as Jermaine’s care and support provider is to support her to make her flat her home, to become increasingly self-reliant and to become a part of her local community. Taking part in new activities and making new friends is something that comes easily to some of us, but is a challenge for many of our clients. Jermaine is beginning to build relationships. She now has a part-time job; something she thought was a dream only a short time ago. Learn more about her story.

Support… with health

Broadening our client’s horizons, helping them to explore new activities and keeping fit and healthy is a role that we love. We developed DotComUnity – the online directory of service providers for the Disabled Community to support client achievements. Watch how Simon discovered the joys of surfing. He took to it like a duck to water!

Our disability support services…

Learning Disabilities

Our teams have extensive experience of working directly with people who have learning disabilities and complex needs.

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Physical Disabilities & Epilepsy

We believe in supporting the whole person, not their conditions so these do not stand in their way.

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Our support for people with autism enables them to better understand the world around them.

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Complex Care

Our specialist teams provide support to children and adults with a range of complex health care needs.

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Supported Living

We enable people to live independently in suitable accommodation for their needs.

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Outreach Support

Providing support at home and for relatives needing a break for short or longer periods of time.

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Disability Support worker with service user

Good to hear that clients & staff are making the best of things. Please pass on my thanks to your teams for their dedication.
Head of Strategic Commissioning Disabilities, Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole

Why so many families trust us…

Personalised Care 

Everyone’s needs are different so our care is personalised and unique to each person. Our high quality home care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion, dignity and respect.

Quality Assured

Choosing home care is a big decision, so we have strict performance guidelines and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission to give confidence that our services are quality assured.

Excellent Training

Our care and support teams are carefully selected and receive excellent training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We don’t use agency or freelance staff to protect our quality reputation.

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