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Direct Payments

If you, or someone that you are responsible for, has been assessed as having a need for support that will be funded through Social Services, you will be entitled to receive a “Direct Payment”.

What does it mean? How does it work?

A Direct Payment is made by your local authority directly to you, to organise the services you need yourself.

Payments can be made to those aged 16 or over with care needs, to people with parental responsibility for children in need of care, and to carers aged 16 or over in respect of carer services.

How can we help?

We can arrange to meet you, explain how the system works and assess the suitability of our involvement. If deemed appropriate we would carry out a comprehensive assessment, discuss the options with you and draw up a suitable plan of care and support, with a detailed costing.

Providing the right service, at the right time and to meet your needs is essential in developing a partnership and building a trusting relationship together.

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