Beverley L ★★★★★

Alina Homecare Horsham have been supporting us for over five years. We started having regular morning visits when my mother broke her wrist in 2015. Mum had vascular dementia and lived at home with Dad. She was 87 at the time. Mum sadly passed away in September of this year at the age of 92. We will always be thankful that Mum was able to stay living at home with Dad (apart from a few hospital stays) and in fact passed away peacefully in her own bed with Dad and I beside her. We are immensely grateful for the wonderful care and support Alina Homecare gave us over the years without which Mum would not have been able to stay at home. All the carers were so kind and she developed real friendships with them. We did not hesitate in inviting Alina to send a representative to Mum’s funeral, even though our numbers were limited to 30 due to the COVID pandemic.
Now Dad is requiring support. Alina Homecare are going the extra mile to help him too, soon to be providing live-in care. We would not hesitate in recommending Alina Homecare Horsham.

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