Carol D ★★★★★

I switched to Alina Lancing for care six months ago after researching online. All agencies say they put the needs and wishes of clients first. Alina Lancing actually do it. I think one of the secrets is that local managers lead from the front being out and about, providing clients with care themselves. Any carer new to a client is introduced by one of the managers who then shows the new carer (however experienced) how this particular client likes things done; again the emphasis is on the client’s wishes and a lot of importance is placed on client and carer getting on well. Like all the Alina carers I have met my regulars are absolutely lovely with a way of making even the most intimate and potentially difficult, upsetting situation easy and acceptable. I’m quite seriously disabled and rely on them a great deal. They are all so good-humoured and a pleasure to have around
To sum up, I would say my Alina helpers not only care about meeting all my physical needs, they also care about me as a person.

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