Eileen T ★★★★★

Having researched and ‘interviewed’ several different care agencies, Mum and I are really happy that we chose Alina Homecare. The staff who come out to Mum are knowledgeable, well-trained, kind and caring. Most importantly to me, they treat Mum with dignity and have quickly got to know her and her likes and dislikes. She was not keen to accept help initially (having lived independently for many years, and then having a less-than-satisfactory experience with another agency) but very soon reported to me that ‘having the Alina ladies coming in feels like having friends looking after me.’ They take a genuine interest in her welfare, are always cheerful and reassuring, and communicate well with the family over any concerns. Carers like this are worth their weight in gold!
The field supervisor is in regular communication and makes sure that Mum’s somewhat complicated and long list of medication is always correctly administered. A few teething issues with rotas have now been sorted.

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