Helene B ★★★★★

When offered respite care for my husband after months of sole care, I felt somewhat reluctant to accept help from relative strangers, but my experience couldn’t have been better. Time was taken to establish our unique circumstances and tailor a support package that comprehensively not only matched our needs but surpassed any expectations. From the outset, a carer was selected with the qualities and personality to ease any concerns we may have had. Our carer is incredibly hard-working, consistent and reliable. Each week she returns like a breath of fresh air and offers four hours of hands-on love and support I never dreamed possible. Just knowing that I have time to meet a friend, attend an appointment or spend the valued commodity of time any way I please, has made such a big difference to this ongoing situation. From ironing, cleaning, gardening, to walking the dog to help my husband’s rehabilitation, nothing seems beyond our Carer’s willingness to make a difference.

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