Jonathan R ★★★★★

I am sure that the care you gave to Mother significantly extended her life and gave her a better quality of life in that time. Previously she had a succession of minor illnesses but the improvement in taking medication, diet and help with washing and food preparation gave her a healthier life. Several times I have been just calling in and doing business on the farm before seeing Mother, and when coming in I have overheard the carer dealing with Mother, they always spoke to her so sweetly and kindly, and so patiently it brought me joy to think her world was made so pleasant. Mother could often be a ‘difficult’ character to deal with but you always saw past that. All the interaction with you has gone so smoothly it has freed me from that worry and allowed me to get on with being POA for Mother’s affairs and enjoying purely social visits to her. The general smoothness and your professionalism makes life so much easier.

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