Sally S ★★★★★

The manager and her Alina team from Ringwood cared for our Mum for almost two years. Before this, Mum had the experience of five other care companies for herself and our late Dad. These varied from fair to good. Alina’s care was outstanding. They were better because the entire team wanted to go the extra mile. Little touches made each visit a pleasure for Mum; such as the unprompted addition of fruit to her squash, served in a wine glass, giving Mum the feeling she had a glamorous cocktail; impromptu sing -a -longs and taking/showing pictures of the flowers in her beloved garden. Jokes and banter were part of her care routine. Mum could be difficult but she loved her carers. We loved the fact that Alina involved us, had a “can do” and flexible attitude as care needs increased. Alina’s care allowed Mum to stay at home, something she fervently wanted.
This is testament to the hard work put in by the entire team and for that, we are so grateful.

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