Sue F ★★★★★

Alina Homecare in Hemel Hempstead have been caring for my mother-in-law since December 2018 starting with just a few visits a week, however, her condition has deteriorated rapidly and she now has several visits each day. The carers have all been brilliant and there are one or two of her regular carers who are absolutely outstanding!

I find the management at Alina very good, readily available on the phone or in person, easy to talk to and open to consider whatever we feel would be best for Mum. Alina have been able to change/increase her care package remarkably quickly which has made things run smoothly for us and knowing that the carers are there so often has taken a lot of pressure off the family. Yes, there may be the occasional change to staff or timing that upsets Mum but they are always ready to listen and try to solve any problems.

I would highly recommend the Hemel Hempstead branch of Alina Homecare to anyone needing home care for themselves or their loved ones in this area.

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