Vikki E ★★★★

I have been a client with the Lancing branch of Alina since July 2018, I want it to be noted how much they have changed mine and also my family’s lives since then. All my family have noticed the change in myself with the care and support I have been receiving. It has taken so much pressure off family life, knowing I am cared for. My children are very protective of me and feel completely at ease and comfortable with the carers who visit me. They don’t now feel the need to be so protective.
The carers are excellent and I don’t feel I need to tell them every time what I need, they understand my conditions, which are many and complex. They have gone out of their way to find out more about my conditions and thought “out of the box” to find solutions to daily issues. The care plan has been written in such a way that there is a complete understanding. They found the right people that match my needs straight away. I no longer feel like a “burden” due to them. I couldn’t be happier.

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