Autism Support Worker Jobs

Support people living with autism to reach their potential.

Earn competitive pay + work for a company that cares about you.

What is an Autism Support Worker?

An Autism Support Worker is someone who provides high quality support for children and adults with autism in order to support them live a fulfilled life and achieve their goals and aspirations.

The job responsibilities of an Autism Support Worker are varied due to the unique demands of the individual you’ll be supporting. As well as autism, you’ll be working with individuals with a range of disabilities. General responsibilities include:

Day trips of an Autism Support Worker Job. 2 people enjoying a bike ride around the park

Day Trips

Take part in sensory day trips.

Social activities of an Autism Support Worker job. 2 people socialising

Social Activities

Support people to develop their own friendship groups.

An Autism Support Worker supporting someone with their daily routine planning


Autistic people often prefer routine so supporting these is vital.

Why Apply for an Autism Support Worker Job?

Support Work – including Autism Support Work – is extremely rewarding, as demonstrated by the high job satisfaction1. Support workers often feel a sense of accomplishment when their support directly leads to positive results, such as when someone achieves a goal.

Autism Support Worker jobs are often very varied. If the traditional 9-5 doesn’t excite you, a role as an Autism Support Worker may. The working hours will vary depending on your rota, you may be working days, during the night or sleep-ins. No two days as an Autism Support Worker are the same. The responsibilities and activities of each shift will vary depending on the unique needs of the individuals you’re working with. Each shift will require you to provide different roles to different individuals. You may be an educator, a companion, a listener and a carer to different individuals, all within the same shift.

I absolutely love my job! I’ve never worked for a company that has been so supportive in & outside work. The staff are amazing & always there for you when you need them, we all work so well together as a team. Alina Homecare offers so much support & training so you’re able to reach the goals you have in place.”

Alina Homecare Support Worker, Kent

Why Alina Homecare?


Enjoy competitive rates of pay as an Alina Homecare Autism Support Worker, and gain access to our rewards programme which offers discounts on big brands.


Gain the skills and confidence you need to excel when you start your Autism Support Worker Job via expert-led training from our Alina Homecare Academy.


Choose from a range of contracts, including guaranteed full or part-time hours. Many of our team work waking nights, sleep-ins and weekends to find a pattern that suits them.

Alina Homecare Staff Survey results: 92% of Alina Homecare employees are happy

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Quick Questions

What is an Autism Support Worker’s salary?

An Alina Homecare Autism Support Worker’s salary depends on a variety of factors including the job location and contracted hours. To find out more about salary, you can chat to our friendly Jobs Team, or call 0330 165 4262.

Who will I be supporting as an Autism Support Worker?

As an Autism Support Worker, you’ll be supporting a diverse set of individuals ranging in ages from 18 upwards. As well as autism, you may be supporting those with different physical and learning disabilities.

What are the hours of an Autism Support Worker?

Typical work hours vary, as you’ll be able to choose from a range of contracts, including guaranteed full or part-time hours.

Do I need a driving licence and car?

It is not necessary to have a driving licence and access to your own vehicle, although in some instances these may be helpful.

When will I start?

Our process to apply is simple. Once your application is approved, you’ll have to get a DBS check and provide two references. When this is completed, training can start within 2 weeks, and you’re on your way to a flourishing career at Alina Homecare.

What skills do I need?

No prior experience is necessary to apply for an Autism Support Worker Job, all you need is a positive, caring attitude, and a willingness to learn.

Free, expert-led practical support worker training via the Alina Homecare Academy helps you realise your potential as an Autism Support Worker by giving you the ability to efficiently handle any circumstance professionally.

Find out more about the Alina Homecare Academy.