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Domestic Care

Find quality Domestic Care in the comfort of your own home.

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What is Domestic Care?

Cleaning your home. Doing the laundry. Shopping for dinner. If every day tasks are getting too much, Domestic Care can help you or your loved one stay independent at home for longer.

Domestic Care at Home is simply regular support with daily activities like shopping and many other housekeeping tasks. If you or your loved one are struggling to stay on top of everyday household jobs, Domestic Care at Home can help.

Whether you’re struggling with mobility or just need a helping hand, our Domestic Home Help enables you or your loved one to live comfortably in your own home.

Your home. Your care. Your choice.

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A client who receives domestic care

Why choose Domestic Care?

Our Domestic Care Workers can help with everyday jobs like changing the bed, cooking and helping with paperwork. Whatever you require, they always deliver care with empathy, consideration and respect every time. It doesn’t matter how much or how little help you need.

Quality Domestic Care

Home is where you should feel happy and comfortable. When household tasks build up over time, it can become overwhelming and stressful which is why we’re here to help. Our Domestic Home Care Workers have the skills to provide quality Domestic Care within the home.

Bespoke Care Plan

We know everyone has their own way of doing things at home. That’s why we work with you to design a tailored care plan that suits your needs, preferences and living arrangements. No matter what, you’ll always have complete control.

Skilled Care Workers

All our Domestic Home Care Workers are trained through our Alina Homecare Academy to understand how to provide quality Domestic Care. They’ll work with you and your loved ones to learn how they can make life easier at home.

Why choose Alina Homecare?

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Our Teams have many years’ experience. We understand the challenges and we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Our entire service is designed to be simple.

Alina Homecare Training Academy

Excellent Training

Our Teams are carefully selected and receive advanced training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We do not use an agency or freelance staff to maintain our reputation.

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Quality Care

Our strict performance guidelines, Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings and complete transparency via Birdie, our care monitoring app., give added confidence and high quality assurance.

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Personalised Care

At Alina Homecare, our personalised care is unique to each client. Domestic Care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion, dignity and respect.

What are my options for Domestic Care?

At Alina Homecare, we offer a wide variety of services, including:


We consider any needs to make home feel like home.

Changing the bed

Our Domestic Care Workers change or make your bed.


We can help with shopping, or collecting prescriptions.


We can prepare healthy daily meals so you don’t have to.


From washing to folding laundry, we help you always feel ‘tip top’.

What are the advantages of Domestic Care?

If you or a loved one feels extra help is needed to stay on top of household tasks, Domestic Care at Home can help. Here are some of the advantages of this service:


As we get older, daily tasks around the home can become more challenging and could potentially lead to an increased chance of injury or a fall. A Domestic Home Care Worker can help by completing these tasks for you or your loved one to make life easier.


When tasks become overwhelming, Domestic Carers can help around the home, keeping it the way that you or your loved one would like them to. This allows you or your loved one to stay in the comfort of the home and live as independently as possible.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that there is someone there to provide a helping hand around the home for you or a loved one provides peace of mind. Domestic Home Carers can help you or a loved one with daily tasks within the home, no matter how much or how little help is needed.


Domestic Care Workers don’t just help with tasks, but can also provide friendly companionship. Whether it’s sitting down for a chat or if possible, getting out and about, our Care Workers can help benefit your or your loved one’s mental wellbeing.


For many, home is a place filled with treasured memories and feelings of safety. Domestic Care at Home supports you or your loved one to live at home for as long as possible. This can bring a sense of normality as you or your loved one continue daily routines.

What to expect from Domestic Care at Home

Our Domestic Care at Home service is provided by a fully trained Domestic Care Professional Team. They’ll help you or your loved one with any domestic needs around the home when things become a little too much.

From preparing balanced meals to light household tasks, or even just being a friendly face to pop in for a chat. At Alina Homecare, we make life easier.

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Domestic Care reviews

We’re proud to provide support for our clients across the South of England. Learn more about how our Domestic Care at Home services have benefitted them with these independent reviews on

Fully managed support

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Dedicated Team

Our experienced local Teams know their communities inside out. From your local GP to your local supermarket, their knowledge helps make life easier. With central support, you can enjoy added peace of mind.

Alina Homecare quality Team

Quality Team

Our central Quality Team sets us apart from agencies and self employed Carers. Our award winning care is reliable, regulated by the CQC and reinforced by our unwavering commitment to high quality care.

alina homecare academy

Exclusive Training

All our Domestic Care Workers receive excellent advanced training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We don’t use agency or freelance employees to protect our high quality reputation.

birdie, our care monitoring technology

Care Monitoring App.

Enjoy full transparency via Birdie, our care monitoring app., allowing you and your loved ones to track Domestic Care as it happens. The app. logs and monitors all aspects of care for added confidence and peace of mind.

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About our Team

Everybody’s needs are different. At Alina Homecare, our job is to understand your individual requirements and routines and respect them, ensuring you or your loved one can continue to live life how you want.

Our Team of friendly Domestic Care Workers have received training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy and are ready to help you or a loved one with any Domestic Care needs. From laundry to cooking, or even just popping in for a chat, we can help.

At Alina Homecare, we’re regulated by the CQC and proud winners of the Top 20 UK Home Care Group Award 2021, 2022 & 2023. We are extremely proud of the standard of care we deliver and we’re passionate about making what we call the ‘Alina Difference’ to peoples lives.

It’s no wonder why 99.7% of clients say they’re satisfied with our care and support!

Cost of Domestic Care

The Cost of Domestic Care varies depending on the needs of you or your loved one. At Alina Homecare, we aim to provide affordable Home Care whilst also maintaining excellent quality service with fully trained Carers.

Our Team will work with you and your loved one to form a bespoke care plan that suits your individual requirements, routines and budget.

Complete our costs calculator to learn more about the cost of Domestic Care at Home today.

When you get in touch with us, we can arrange a no obligation free home visit to discuss your care needs in more detail.

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Quick questions

About our Domestic Care service

What is Domestic Care?

Domestic Care is when our professionally trained Care Workers helps you or your loved one with any housekeeping need around the home when things become a little too much.

Find your local Alina Homecare Team to learn more about how we can help you.

What is included in Domestic Care?

Among other tasks, Domestic Care can include laundry, shopping, preparing meals and much more. Whatever help you need, we can help.

Who delivers Domestic Care?

Our Domestic Home Care Workers will help you or your loved one with daily tasks around the home.

How long are Domestic Care at Home visits?

The length of our Home Care visits varies and depend on the needs and the preferences of the client. Our care visits typically start from just 30 minutes and can last for however long required. With our Live-in Care service, care is provided continuously.

About Domestic Care costs

How much does it cost?

Domestic Care costs do vary according to the type of care needed, the number of care visits and where you live. To learn more and to get a personalised quote, find your local Team.

How can I fund Domestic Care?

There are many ways to fund care. Find out more by reading our guide to Home Care funding.  

About Alina Homecare

How does Alina Homecare compare to an agency?

Agencies are not regulated and quality cannot be guaranteed. We provide fully regulated services that are inspected by the CQC. We also provide full and exclusive training for our Care Workers, whereas private and agency Carers may not have comprehensive training. In addition to this, our services are also backed up with central support; this means you can count on us even if your Care Worker needs time off, as our local Team can step in to ensure continuity of care.

What areas do you cover?

We provide Domestic Care across the South of England. Find your local Team.

How is Domestic Care monitored?

Like all our services, our Domestic Care is regulated by the CQC. The CQC is an independent regulator that inspects our services to ensure our quality standards are maintained. This includes checking that our care is focused on our clients as individuals, as well as that we keep you safe at all times. In addition to this, we are proud to partner with Birdie. Birdie’s innovative care technology enables us to digitally log and monitor the support we provide. The Birdie Family app., with your consent, also allows full visibility of care at any time for you and your loved ones. It’s a great way of providing added reassurance that you’re receiving the highest quality care.

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