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Gift ideas for older women & men

Explore 100 gift ideas for the over 65s for all occasions.

Learn about caring for an elderly parent and how to get support.

Learn why your elderly parent is not eating and sleeping.

Our guide to monitoring elderly parents remotely.

Living with elderly parents

What to consider about living with elderly parents.

Shopping assistance for elderly people

Elderly shopping assistance can help make life easier.

Activities for elderly people

Explore our guide of activities for elderly people to enjoy.

Elderly delirium

Learn more about the symptoms of elderly delirium.

elderly paranoia

Learn more about elderly paranoia and how you can get help.

elderly befriending services

Explore the benefits of using an elderly befriending service.

exercises to reduce swollen ankles in the elderly

Learn about how to reduce swollen ankles in the elderly.

Elderly sitting services

Explore elderly sitting services for companionship and peace of mind.

Symptoms to look for after a fall

Discover symptoms to look for after an elderly person falls.

Discounts for Carers

Explore many discounts for Carers and tips to save money.

Discounts for Carers

Read how to prevent falls for elderly people.

Elderly incontinence

Explore the symptoms, causes and treatments of incontinence in older adults.

Symptoms to look for after a fall

Learn more about Home Help services for the elderly.

Learn about the role of a Care Assistant, including five key duties.

Find out more about the role & responsibilities of a Support Worker.

Find out more about the role of a Live-in Carer, including five key duties.

Learn about the role & responsibilities of a Care Coordinator.

Read examples of the different skills & qualities that make a great Care Assistant.

Learn about the different skills & qualities great Support Workers have, with examples included.

Care Assistant interview questions and answers

Read Care Assistant interview questions & answers to help you stand out in your interview.

Support Worker interview questions and answers

Read common Support Worker interview questions & answers, plus our top tips to get the job.

Download our Care Assistant CV template to get started on applying for your next job.

Download our Support Worker CV template to prepare your application for your new role.

Learn what to include in a Care Assistant cover letter, including tips to secure an interview.

Learn what to include in a Support Worker cover letter, including tips for an interview.

Explore job options for over 50s, including advice on overcoming the challenges of changing jobs in your 50s.

Discover options for the over 60s, and consider the various challenges of re-joining the workforce in your 60s.

Read our list of part time weekend jobs that are flexible & can help you boost your earning potential.

Consider 5 Saturday & Sunday jobs that will help you earn extra income at the end of each week.

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