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Live-in Care

Neighbours for years. Allotment nearby. Favourite pew. Local walks. Cheery postman. Cherished memories. Live-in care can make it all continue.

We all value things about our community and a sense of belonging. So, if household jobs start to build, or a medical diagnosis over-shadows living at home alone, there’s a lot at stake. Our job is to understand what makes life easier for you and to then help you achieve it. Live-in care at Alina Homecare is all about you.

Your choices

Choose Live-in Care for dedicated, round the clock support in your own home. Your live-in carer will provide Companion Care – someone to chat to and go to the shops with. Everyday Domestic Care, we’ll prepare meals, clean and garden. Personal Care to help getting up in the morning, washing and taking medication.

If your carer takes time out Respite Care can step in. An accident or medical condition can create a sudden care need and Crisis Care can be available in 24 hours. Palliative Care is for as long as you need us, to help improve your comfort and quality of life in the face of a serious, incurable illness.

Our expert live-in carers deliver positive, quality care 24 hours a day for a week, month or year. It is compassionate, gentle and belongs to you. But it doesn’t have to be forever, unless you want it to.

Your Plan

When you decide that live-in care is right for you, our job is to find someone who can best meet your needs and that you’ll really enjoy having around.

All Alina Homecare care workers are fully trained and have the right personality to look after our customers, but not everyone can be a live-in carer – many have their own families to look after too. So our specialist live-in teams are highly experienced people who can commit dedicated time to you.

Sharing your home is a big step. So we match interests and personalities and let you get to know one another first. After two weeks we carry out a review to make sure it’s working for you.

Matching people takes time. We start by meeting you to learn more about you, your interests, your care needs and preferences. We try hard to match people with similar hobbies and to satisfy your preferences – perhaps you want a male or female care worker depending on your personal care requirements?

Together we agree a care plan that covers your needs and how you wish to be looked after.  Together we review your plan to check it still works for you.

We then set up a two-week trial and your new carer moves in. After this trial period, we review the service carefully with you to ensure that it’s working the way you want and agree any necessary adjustments to your care plan.

Your Right to Respect, your privacy, dignity, independence and security are always top of our list. So our carers:

  • Are welcomed by you and never intrude
  • Preserve your self-respect
  • Give you space to be yourself
  • Keep you safe when you need them to

If at any time you feel it’s not working the way you want, just tell us how you feel so we can help.

Cost of Live-in Care

Live-in care costs vary, however our Live-in Care packages are competitive and provide excellent value for the quality of services we deliver.

The cost of your care will depend on your needs and we will be able to advise you of our rates once we have met with you and thoroughly understand the care you need and want. We also provide very competitive rates for couples.

There are a number of ways to fund your care – you may be eligible for financial support from your local council or you may want to fund it yourself. Whatever your circumstances, we can help work out the best way forward for you – so call us today on our dedicated Live-in care number 0330 055 2922.

We support you to make life easier.

My live-in carer is always very helpful & I like the support he provides for me.

Client, Guildford

Let us help:

0330 055 2922

Why so many families trust us...


Personalised Care

Everyone's needs are different that's why we provide personalised care unique to each person. Our high quality home care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion, dignity and respect.


Quality Assured

We understand that home care is a big decision, so we have strict performance guidelines and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission giving you confidence that our care and support is quality assured.


Excellent Training

Our care and support teams are carefully selected and receive excellent training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We do not use agency or freelance staff to protect our quality reputation.

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