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What is Multiple Sclerosis Home Care?

Our Multiple Sclerosis Home Care service provides highly skilled support to help you or your loved one remain at home and improve quality of life.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), you may find additional support is needed at home. Multiple Sclerosis can affect a person’s mobility, vision and cognitive function, making everyday tasks challenging.

A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis can be life changing, not just for the person but also for their loved ones. We’re here to help as much or as little as you need. We support you or your loved one to lead a meaningful life surrounded by the comforts of home.

Choosing MS Home Care allows you or your loved one to remain in a familiar environment while remaining as independent as possible with the right level of support.

Find your local Alina Homecare Team today to discuss your care needs and find out how we can support you or your loved one with Multiple Sclerosis.

What does Multiple Sclerosis Home Care include?

Many people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are relatively young, so the thought of moving into a care home can be distressing. Deciding whether Multiple Sclerosis Care at Home can benefit your or your loved one’s quality of life can be a difficult choice that requires a lot of thought. Consistency and familiarity are vital factors to consider when choosing the right care option for you.

Whatever you or your loved one need to manage this condition and live as independently as possible, we can help. Our Multiple Sclerosis Home Care services include:

Personal Care

Our Personal Care helps you or your loved one complete day-to-day tasks which are often made difficult by MS. We help with using the bathroom to getting dressed and ready. Our Care Workers are compassionate and meet your needs with dignity and respect.

Household Chores

Laundry, washing the dishes, shopping for groceries or taking out the bins. If you or your loved one struggle with MS symptoms, our Care Workers can help to keep things neat and tidy at home so household tasks don’t become overwhelming.

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Companion Care

We all need someone to chat to. Our MS Care Workers keep you or your loved one company. We aim to prevent feelings of loneliness and offer support. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly face and a chat to make a difference.

Meal Preparation

Our Care Workers can prepare nutritious meals for you or your loved ones, ensuring you eat and drink regularly to maintain a routine and a balanced diet.

Live-in Care for MS

If you or your loved one are experiencing symptoms that are severe enough to require round-the-clock care, it may be worth considering Live-in Care for Multiple Sclerosis. With this type of Home Care, a Care Worker moves into the home to provide care and assistance. We try to find a Live-in Carer who is a good fit for you. You or your loved one will spend a great deal of time with them so it’s important you get on well and have things in common.

Respite Care for MS

If you care for a loved one who has Multiple Sclerosis, finding time for yourself can often feel impossible. Our Home Care Workers can offer caregivers respite and regular time off for themselves. If you’re a primary caregiver, this allows you to take a well-deserved break, knowing your loved one’s needs are being taken care of by a compassionate professional. If you choose Respite Care, our Care Workers fit into your normal routine. We’re here to reassure you or your loved one and work with you to provide support specific to your needs.

Why Choose Alina Homecare?

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Our skilled Care Workers are trained to understand Multiple Sclerosis and how the condition can impact a person’s life. We adopt a flexible approach to caring and recognise symptoms vary daily and from one person to another. We invest time in our Carers to ensure every MS Care experience is delivered to an excellent standard.

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Excellent Training

Our job is to understand the best way to support each person living with the condition. We achieve this by ensuring each of our Care Workers receives excellent quality training to support the person, not just the diagnosis. We work with you and your support network to ensure care is tailored to your or your loved one’s exact needs.

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Quality Care

We’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and proud winners of the Top 20 UK Home Care Group Awards 2021 & 2022. We take immense pride in the standard of care we deliver and we’re passionate about making what we call ‘The Alina Difference’ in people’s lives.

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Personalised Care

Our personalised approach to care is unique to each client. Personal Care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion, dignity and respect. If you choose Multiple Sclerosis Live-in Care, we try to match our Live-in Carers with clients based on shared interests.

What are the Advantages of Multiple Sclerosis Home Care?

Receiving Multiple Sclerosis care in the safety and familiarity of the home has many advantages. These include:


Receiving MS Home Care allows you or your loved one to stay in the comfort of the home and continue daily routines. Remaining in a familiar environment can offer comfort after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Maintaining a sense of normality reduces stress and has a positive effect on mental health.


Our Home Care services allow you or your loved one to not only continue with daily routines but to also choose how you spend your time. Care requirements will be regularly assessed and adapted to meet changing needs and personal goals. It’s our job to make your life easier!

Local Community

Change can be hard, especially after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Our MS Home Care assistance allows you or your loved one to stay in the community you know and love, where you can enjoy local events and be surrounded by familiar faces.

Safety & Comfort

Many of our clients find staying in their homes more comfortable. It means loved ones can visit any time of the day, without being restricted by set visiting hours. Additionally, it promotes feelings of safety in a familiar environment.


Home Care can often be more cost-effective and a more suitable option for your or your loved one’s individual needs. Our Multiple Sclerosis Home Care is tailored to the individual and the care they receive is one-to-one.

We work with you or your loved ones to develop a Multiple Sclerosis Home Care plan that directly suits your personal needs. This involves customising the care required to the person’s abilities, interests, personality and history. Our care is always person centred, ensuring your or your loved one’s rights to respect are met every time.

Contact your local Alina Homecare Team to discover which Home Care option is right for you.

Cost of Multiple Sclerosis Home Care

The cost of Multiple Sclerosis Care is dependent on the level of care and support required. This includes the services chosen, such as Home Care or Live-in Care, the frequency of care visits needed and your location. Our expert Team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your or your loved one’s needs at home to determine which level of support is suitable.

There are several ways to fund care. If you or your loved one suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, you may be eligible for disability benefits, grants or other financial support. Contact your local Alina Homecare Team to find out more about our costs.

Quick Questions

About Multiple Sclerosis Care

What is included with MS Care?

Our highly personalised Multiple Sclerosis Care at Home service includes:

  • Full assessment before care starts
  • Customised and flexible care plan developed with the person requiring care and their circle of support
  • Matched with the most suitable Care Workers to meet your required needs
  • Dedicated Team led by a Branch Manager
  • Meal planning and household tasks
  • Social activities and lifestyle enhancement

How much does MS Care cost?

The cost of care will vary depending on your specific care needs and your location. If you or your loved one requires round-the-clock care, Live-in Care might be the most cost effective option than the total cost of regular care visits. Our Team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs to determine which level of support is most appropriate. Contact your local Alina Homecare Team to discuss our costs.

How can I fund Home Care for Multiple Sclerosis?

Most of our customers pay for their care privately, but you may be eligible for disability benefits or other financial support. If you need help with the cost of home care, you may be able to have a financial assessment. This will determine if you’re eligible for help towards the cost of care and whether the local authority will provide this.

About Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. Sadly, there is no cure. This means the level of support required by you or your loved one is likely to increase over time. We tailor our MS Home Care plans to your individual needs, continually reviewing them to ensure we meet your requirements as and when they change.

It’s estimated that more than 130,000 people are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the UK and it’s believed to affect three times more women than men. Often, people who are first diagnosed with MS are relatively young, with the initial diagnosis in their 30s to 50s.

Currently, it’s not known exactly what causes Multiple Sclerosis. Research suggests it could be caused by a variety of factors, including genes, environment and lifestyle choices.

Although there currently isn’t a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, it can be managed with treatments and the help of specialists. Home Care Workers can help guide you or your loved one through the symptoms of MS to improve quality of life. Our Care Workers can be a highly valuable addition to your or your loved one’s Care Team when help at home is needed.

What are the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Depending on the severity of the condition, people with MS can experience different symptoms. Common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue

This is not to be confused with simply feeling tired. Those with Multiple Sclerosis will often feel completely exhausted and find simple tasks difficult or impossible to carry out. Our Home Care Workers can support you or your loved one by completing everyday tasks around the home, such as preparing a meal or feeding a pet.

  • Numbness and tingling

Various parts of the body, often the arms, legs and torso, can feel numb or the person with MS may experience a tingling sensation.

  • Muscle spasms/stiffness

Some people with MS experience muscle contractions, stiffness or general weakness, which can result in reduced mobility. Staying physically active has real health benefits and our Care Workers can assist with regular exercise such as walking or other exercises at home.

  • Problems with vision

Many people with Multiple Sclerosis experience deterioration in their eyesight, predominantly blurred vision. However, in 25% of cases, the person diagnosed with MS can experience a complete loss of vision, colour blindness, pain in their eyes, or flashes and double vision. Our Care Workers can help so household tasks don’t become overwhelming when you or your loved one is restricted by vision impairment.

  • Difficulty controlling the bladder/bowel

Constipation is a common issue, as well as problems passing urine, such as the need to urinate more frequently. Our Care Workers can help with Personal Care, including bathing and help using the bathroom if needed. Whatever you need, they always deliver it with kindness and sensitivity whilst ensuring your or your loved one’s dignity is maintained.

  • Mental health issues

Those living with Multiple Sclerosis are more susceptible to periods of anxiety or depression. You may notice those with MS have more frequent mood swings. This can be incredibly difficult for loved ones to witness or manage. Having a friendly face to help them is often crucial and our Care Workers are ready to offer a helping hand.

  • Difficulties thinking and forgetfulness

As Multiple Sclerosis affects the brain, often this causes difficulty thinking clearly. As a result, this could make everyday tasks more difficult. Our Care at Home Team can support you or your loved one by providing necessary reassurances and reminders.

  • Unexplained pain

A symptom of Multiple Sclerosis includes frequently experiencing unexplained pain; the pain can be directly caused by the condition or as a consequence of other symptoms. We provide caring and compassionate support as you and your family navigate the difficulties of Multiple Sclerosis.

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