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What is Cancer Home Care?

Cancer Home Care is a type of support specifically tailored to help people who are living with a diagnosis. Our Care Workers can help you or your loved one live at home with cancer symptoms.

Our Home Care for cancer patients offers high quality assistance to enable you to remain in the comfort and familiarity of your home. We help with anything from providing companionship to hoisting and daily personal hygiene support.

We understand the physical and emotional challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis. Whether you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed or the cancer has advanced to a stage where additional support is needed, our Care Workers can help.

Our Cancer Home Care service is personalised to your specific needs and preferences. Our care focuses on many of the impacts of cancer, from helping administer prescribed medication to providing emotional support. We strive to promote safety, independence and comfort – so that home feels like home even during challenging times.

Find your local Alina Homecare Team to discuss your Cancer Care needs.

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What does Home Care for cancer patients include?

Our Home Care services for cancer patients largely depend on your specific requirements and symptoms. We offer two care options:

Hourly or visiting care

Our fully trained Home Care Workers are experienced in providing quality and compassionate care for all kinds of conditions. We understand there is no one size fits all which is why we tailor our care to meet your needs. We offer regular, short visits or continuous care if required.

Live-in Care

Live-in Care for cancer patients is a particularly good option if you or your loved one requires continuous Care at Home. With Live-in Care, a specially trained Carer moves into the home to provide support whenever it’s needed.

Live-in Care is a good alternative if you are contemplating a care home. Many of our clients find it allows them to remain home for longer without compromising on the support they need to manage their symptoms. If you or your loved one are living with more advanced symptoms, we also provide 24 hour Home Care for cancer patients. This involves Overnight Care, where a Live-in Carer stays awake during the night to maintain care.

Whichever option you choose, our Cancer Care services can include:

Palliative Care

Respite Care

Personal Care

Domestic Care

Companionship Care

Chemotherapy Home Care

Why choose Alina Homecare?

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Our highly skilled and qualified Care Workers understand the impacts of cancer and how it can make everyday life more challenging. Our Cancer Home Care service is designed to be simple and less stressful. We are aware that circumstances may change, which is why our care is always flexible and person centred.

Alina Homecare Training Academy

Excellent Training

At Alina Homecare, all our Home Care Workers are carefully selected and trained through our exclusive Training Academy. This is to ensure our Carers know how to support each client and their needs. We do not use an agency or freelance staff to maintain our high quality reputation.

CQC rating

Quality Care

We’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and proud winners of the Top 20 UK Home Care Group Awards 2021, 2022 & 2023. We take immense pride in the standard of care we deliver and we’re passionate about making what we call the ‘Alina Difference’ in people’s lives.

client who receives cancer home care

Personalised Care

Each Home Care service is bespoke to each client. They are tailored to meet their individual needs to ensure the highest quality of care is provided. At Alina Homecare, our care is person centred and flexible. Our care for cancer patients at home is always delivered with compassion and respect.

How can Cancer Home Care help?

Remaining in the familiarity of the home can positively impact your mental wellbeing after being diagnosed with cancer. Our Cancer Home Care is designed to enable you or your loved one to do just that without compromising on the support you receive.

Different types of cancer impact the body in different ways, which can all make daily tasks more challenging. Our Care Workers support you or your loved one by managing symptoms and promoting independence for as long as possible. They are trained to understand how to deliver high quality care and are ready to help with whatever you need.

Find your local Alina Homecare Team to discuss which Home Care option is right for you.

Tiredness & Fatigue

Extreme tiredness is a common side effect of treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It’s estimated that nine out of ten cancer patients experience fatigue, which can make daily routines more challenging.2

Fatigue can also take a toll on your ability to complete physical tasks and your mental wellbeing. It can be frustrating to not have energy to carry out your usual routines. Our Care Workers are specially trained to help with whatever you or your loved one need. We help with Personal Care routines, household tasks and shopping whilst also providing valuable emotional support.

Reduced Bladder Control

Many people with cancer experience incontinence. This is because some types of cancer or treatments like chemotherapy can impact the nerves and muscles which control urine release. As a result, people with cancer may not be able to reach the toilet in time before a bowel or bladder movement.

Our home help for cancer patients can include Personal Care to support with this, such as helping to use the bathroom, washing and changing pads. Many people don’t want their loved ones to help them with more intimate tasks. Our Carers can step in for these moments to ensure your relationships don’t have to change.

Cognitive Difficulties

Memory loss and reduced concentration are common side effects for many people going through cancer treatment. This can make daily life more challenging as it can lead to confusion and anxiety.

Forgetting things and struggling to concentrate can take a toll on your mental health. Our Home Care Workers help you or your loved one plan daily routines and assist with tasks around the home to reduce stress and promote independence. Our care monitoring app. also provides digital medication reminders to compensate for forgetfulness and provides peace of mind for your loved ones.

Mental Wellbeing

A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming and often lead to feelings of fear and sadness. As a result, many people with cancer experience mental health challenges such as depression or anxiety.

A friendly face and someone to chat to can often make a huge difference. Our Cancer Home Care Workers are there for you to listen to the feelings and concerns of the person receiving care, as well their loved ones. That’s why we take pride in our excellent quality training so that care is always delivered with compassion and respect for all involved.

Trouble Sleeping

Many people with cancer struggle with insomnia and irregular sleep-wake cycles. This is often due to pain, side effects of treatments, or stress and anxiety.

Our Overnight Care service for cancer patients can be included with Live-in Care. A Live-in Carer can stay awake during the night to keep a watchful eye, assist with using the bathroom and provide reassurance. If you need this kind of waking night support, find your local Alina Homecare Team.

Chronic Pain

People who have cancer experience pain that impacts their daily life. The level of impact depends on the type of cancer and the severity of the pain. Our Cancer Home Care service includes pain management to help you or your loved one live more comfortably.

Our Home Care workers can help by supporting you or your loved one with Personal Care routines and administering prescribed pain medication to keep you or your loved one as comfortable as possible.

We work with you and your loved ones to develop a Cancer Home Care plan that suits your individual needs. This includes customising care to the individual person’s abilities, interests, personality and history. Our care is always person centred, ensuring your or your loved one’s right to respect is met every time.

What are the advantages of Cancer Home Care?

Receiving cancer care in the safety and familiarity of the home has many advantages. These include:


Receiving Home Care for cancer patients allows you or your loved one to stay at home and continue regular routines. After receiving a diagnosis of cancer or following a hospital discharge, remaining in a familiar environment surrounded by fond memories can be comforting.

1:1 Support

Our Live-in Care for cancer patients provides dedicated, one to one support. This allows our Care Workers to focus completely on the needs of you or your loved one. This may not always be the case in a care home as Care Workers assist with multiple clients’ needs at a time.


Our home help for cancer patients service gives you or your loved one the freedom to not only continue with daily routines but also to decide how to spend your time. Care needs will be regularly assessed and adjusted to meet evolving requirements and goals.

Enhanced Recovery

For many people, staying at home is invaluable. Many of our clients say returning home is crucial for an emotional uplift that supports their recovery. If you or your loved one have cancer and require full time care, having a Live-in Carer can be a great solution.

Cost Effective

Care for cancer patients at home can often be more cost effective and a more suitable option than moving into a residential care facility. If you or your loved one require continuity of care, our Live-in Care can also be more cost effective compared to a care home.

Reduced Stress

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be stressful and naturally lead to feelings of uncertainty. It’s important to ensure anxiety is minimised as research proves stress can have a negative impact.3 Our Home Care for cancer patients helps by ensuring you or your loved one has someone to support them at home.

Added Reassurance

Being faced with a diagnosis of cancer can cause severe worry and anxiety, not just for the person with cancer but also for their loved ones. Our Cancer Home Care aims to allay these concerns. Our excellent Team of Care Workers provide reassurance and support for added peace of mind.

Local Community

Our care for cancer patients at home assistance enables you or your loved one to remain in the community you know and love. This allows you to continue to enjoy local events and see familiar faces who can visit at any time unlike at a care home where there are often set visiting hours.

Cost of Home Care for cancer patients

The cost of our Home Care for cancer patients depends on the amount of care and support needed. This includes the care services required, the frequency of visits and your location. Our expert Team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of you or your or your loved one’s needs at home to determine the type and amount of support needed. There are also differences between the cost of Home Care and the cost of Live-in Care.

There are many ways to fund care. If you or your loved one requires Cancer Home Care, you may be eligible for benefits or other financial support from your local authority. Complete our cost calculator to learn more about the cost of Cancer Home Care.

From Rita, a Cancer Carer

Quick questions

About our Cancer Home Care service

What is included in Cancer Home Care?

Our highly personalised Home Care for cancer patients is designed to cater to specific requirements. It includes a range of services to ensure the needs of you or your loved one are met and to live as independently as possible at home. Our Cancer Home Care includes:

  • Free home visit before care starts. If care is needed quickly, we can offer same day home visits
  • Customised and flexible care plan developed with you and your loved ones
  • Matched with the most suitable Home Care and Live-in Care Workers to meet your needs
  • Dedicated and compassionate Team led by an experienced Branch Manager
  • Help with daily tasks including getting dressed, meal preparation and mediation reminders if required
  • Emotional wellbeing support and valuable Companionship Care
  • Support to continue with social activities

How much does Home Care for cancer patients cost?

The cost of care for cancer patients at home varies depending on the amount of care required and where you live. If you or your loved one require continuous care, Live-in Care might be the most cost effective option. Our experienced Teams will carry out a detailed no obligation assessment of your needs to determine the amount of support needed.

Find your local Alina Homecare Team to discuss our costs in more detail.

Who delivers care for cancer patients at home?

Our Team of Home Care Workers deliver Home Care for cancer patients. All our Care Workers have been trained by our exclusive Alina Homecare Training Academy and understand how to provide respectful, compassionate and quality care.

About Alina Homecare

How does Alina Homecare compare to an introductory agency?

Introductory agencies aren’t required to be regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and quality cannot be guaranteed. At Alina Homecare, we provide fully regulated services that are inspected by the CQC. We also provide excellent training for our Cancer Care Workers, whereas agency Carers may not complete any training. Additionally, our services are managed locally. This means you can count on us when your usual Care Worker has time off as our local Team will step in to ensure continuity of care.

What areas do you cover?

We provide care across the South of England. Find your local Alina Homecare Team today.

How is care monitored?

Along with all our services, our Cancer Home Care is regulated by the CQC. The CQC is an independent regulator that inspects our services to make sure our high quality standards are maintained. This includes checking that our care is client focused and that we always keep you or your loved one safe and secure.

Furthermore, we are proud to partner with Birdie. Birdie’s innovative care technology enables us to digitally log and monitor all the support we provide. The Birdie Family app., with your consent, allows shared visibility of care at any time for you and your loved ones. It’s a great way of providing added reassurance that you’re receiving high quality care.

What training do you provide for your Care Workers?

All our Care Workers receive training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. Our company is built on core values that we passionately believe in and are at the heart of everything we do. We ensure all our Care Workers receive the same high level of training so that our standards and quality reputation can be preserved.

Our expert Team of Trainers all hold teaching qualifications and have a vast wealth of experience working in Health & Social Care. We offer several specialist qualifications for our Teams to equip them with greater knowledge to make life easier and safer for the people we support.

Is it right for me?

What is cancer?

Cancer is when abnormal cells in the body divide uncontrollably, causing tumours. There are over 200 different types of cancer and the most common types include breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancer.4 Around 1,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every day with over half of the people who are newly diagnosed aged over 70. 5,6

Cancer is caused by different variables which determine the type of cancer present. Overall, the most common causes of cancer include inherited genetic mutations, environmental exposures such as air pollution and lifestyle choices including smoking, obesity and excessive alcohol consumption. There currently isn’t a cure for cancer but it can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Cancer causes various impacts on the body physically and mentally and can inhibit your ability to live independently. When things get too much at home, we can help. Our Care Workers can help to mitigate the impacts of cancer by helping around the home to support your independence. Whether you or your loved one need help with daily tasks and routines or need a friendly face, we’re here to help.

Is Cancer Home Care better than a care home?

Deciding whether a care home or Home Care is best for you or your loved one with cancer can be challenging. Your decision depends on the care that’s required whilst always keeping personal preferences in mind.

With home care for cancer patients, you or your loved one can continue to live at home and avoid the stress and upheaval of moving. If continuous care is needed, our Cancer Live-in Care is a great option. A Live-in Carer will move into the home with you or your loved one and provide care when it’s needed.

If you or your loved one require more advanced cancer care, a care or nursing home may be a more suitable option.

Read our guide to help you understand the differences between home care vs a care home and what option is most suitable for you or your loved one.

When should I start looking for care?

If the impact of cancer has progressed to a point where additional care is needed so you or your loved one can live at home safely, it’s the right time to start looking for professional care arrangements. The right option for your situation depends on the level of care needed.

At Alina Homecare, our care visits can be as short as 30 minutes or we can provide a Live-in Carer to provide continuity of care. If you’d like to discuss your care options and learn more about the services we offer, find your local Alina Homecare Team.

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