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What is Dementia Care?

Dementia Care is a type of support available to help you or your loved one manage the symptoms of dementia. This includes everything from medication reminders to help going to the bathroom, or simply providing a friendly face when you need it.

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, you may find they need extra support with daily life at home. We believe receiving Dementia Home Care helps keep some continuity as other things change.

Leaving the beloved home filled with familiarity and memories can be unsettling at the best of times but can bring added concern to a loved one living with dementia. Remaining at home surrounded by treasured things where your loved one can continue their usual routines can promote feelings of comfort and safety.

Your home. Your care. Your choice.

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A client who receives dementia care

Why choose Dementia Care?

Home Care Workers can help guide your loved one with dementia through their symptoms to improve their quality of life. They can be a highly valuable part of your loved one’s care plan when help at home is needed.

If your loved one needs a few hours of support each week or as time passes, they need a Live-in Carer to provide continuous assistance, we can help make life easier.

Skilled Care Workers

All our Dementia Care Workers are trained through our Alina Homecare Academy to understand how to care for your loved one with dementia. They’re educated to notice mood and behavioural changes and can react flexibly and responsively to solve any discomfort or distress.

Bespoke Care Plan

We focus on building a professional relationship, understanding needs, daily routines and individual preferences to design a dementia care plan that is specific to each person.

Quality Dementia Care

Regardless of symptoms or needs, at Alina Homecare we have the knowledge and skills to provide quality Dementia Care. All our clients are treated with compassion, respect and patience to develop confidence and trust in us. We believe people with dementia can still enjoy a happy and fulfilling life with the right professional support.

Why choose Alina Homecare?

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Our Team has many years’ experience. We understand the challenges, and we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Our entire service is designed to be simple and less stressful.

Alina Homecare Training Academy

Excellent Training

Our Carers are carefully selected and receive training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We do not use an agency or freelance staff to maintain our quality reputation.

CQC regulation logo

Quality Care

Our strict performance guidelines, Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings and transparency via our care monitoring app. give added confidence and quality assurance.

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Personalised Care

Our personalised care is unique to each client. Dementia Care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion, dignity and respect.

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What is Dementia Live-in Care?

If your loved one with dementia requires continuous assistance, why not consider Live-in Care? This is where a Care Worker moves in with your loved one and cares for them throughout the day and night.

Live-in Care is a great solution for people who are struggling to cope with the impacts of dementia or if their dementia has progressed. Care is provided 24/7 in the home, where your loved one often feels the most safe and comfortable. This provides peace of mind, knowing there is someone there to provide care at all times.

One of our specially trained Care Workers will move in with your loved one and help them with daily tasks and assist them with managing their routines. We understand the importance of matching the right Care Worker to the person they’ll be providing support to. Therefore, we look at any similar interests and hobbies, as well as their skill level.

A carer and a client who receives Live-in Dementia Care

How can Dementia Home Care help?

Whatever you need, when you need it, we can help. Our Dementia Care service can include:

Personal Care

From washing and going to the bathroom to getting dressed and ready for the day, our Home Carers for dementia will help your loved one maintain their Personal Care routine with dignity and respect.


Laundry, washing the dishes and taking out the bins. Our Care Workers will keep things neat and tidy at home so household tasks don’t become overwhelming.

Medication reminders

Our Dementia Carers help your loved one remember to take their medication. This can be tracked by our care monitoring app. for peace of mind.

Meal preparation

Our Carers prepare nutritious meals for your loved ones that takes into consideration their tastes and any allergies. They can also ensure your loved one eats and drinks regularly to maintain routines and a balanced diet.

Providing companionship

We all need someone to chat to from time to time. Our Dementia Carers can help keep your loved one company.

Palliative Care

We can help with both the physical and the emotional burden of dementia.

Going out & about

If they can, we support your loved one to get out into the local community.

Respite Care

We all need a break sometimes. If you’re a caregiver to your loved one with dementia and need some regular time to yourself, we can help. Learn more about the cost of Respite Care today.

What are the advantages of Dementia Home Care?

Learning that a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia can be a worrying and stressful time. Relatives are often untrained or unable to support someone with dementia. Others might not have a full understanding of what dementia is like to live with. Here are some of the advantages to Home Care for dementia:


Home Care and Live-in Care for dementia allow your loved one to stay in the comfort of their home and continue their daily routines. This reduces the stress and disruption moving may bring to someone with dementia.


Dementia Home Care allows your loved one to not only continue their usual routine but stay in control of it. Care will regularly be assessed and adapted to meet their changing needs and personal goals.

Stay Local

Change can be hard, especially for someone with dementia. Home Care allows your loved one to stay in the community they know and love where they can enjoy local events and familiar faces.


Home Carers for dementia offer caregivers regular time off. This allows you to take a well deserved break and dedicate time for yourself knowing your loved one’s needs are being taken care of.


Our Dementia Carers offer friendly and comforting companionship. They don’t just take care of you and your loved one’s physical needs but also any emotional needs and their mental wellbeing.


Often, Home Care is safer than a care home. Research proves people living in a care home are three times more likely to have a fall compared to living at home, increasing the likeliness of a hospital admission.1

Family & Community

People in care homes can often feel lonely and depressed. This is more so common with people with dementia. Staying at home means friends and family can visit whenever which can make them feel safer and happier.

Cost Effective

Dementia Home Care can often be more cost effective. With our Dementia Live-in Care, the care you receive is one to one which is often not the case in care homes and they’re usually a more expensive option.

What to expect from Dementia Care at home

Our Dementia Care service is provided by Dementia Carers in the comfort and familiarity of the home. They will help your loved one with their needs to help them to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

From preparing balanced meals to light household chores, or even just being a friendly face to pop in for a chat. At Alina Homecare, we make life easier.

steps to arrange dementia care

Dementia Care reviews

We’re proud to serve our clients and their families across the South of England. Learn more about how our Dementia Care services have benefitted them with these independent reviews on

Fully managed support

Group of female Home Carers

Dedicated Team

Our experienced local Teams know their communities inside out. From your local GP to your local supermarket, their knowledge helps make life easier. With central support, you can enjoy added peace of mind.

Alina Homecare quality team

Quality Team

Our central Quality Team sets us apart from agencies and self employed Carers. Our award winning care is reliable, regulated by the CQC and reinforced by our unwavering commitment to high quality care.

alina homecare training academy

Exclusive Training

All our Care Workers are carefully selected and receive excellent training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We don’t use agency or freelance staff to protect our quality reputation.

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Care Monitoring App.

Enjoy full transparency via our care monitoring app., allowing you and your loved ones to track Dementia Care as it happens. The app. monitors all aspects of care from mood changes to medication for added confidence.

Team of Dementia Home Carers

About our Team

Each persons requirements and dementia experience is unique. Our job is to understand the best way to support each person living with dementia. We achieve this by ensuring each of our Carers receive advanced and high quality training to support the person, not the diagnosis.

We also endeavour to match our Care Teams to clients based on any mutual hobbies or interests, as well as their skill level. We invest our time to ensure every Dementia Home Care experience is of the highest quality.

At Alina Homecare, we’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and proud winners of the Top 20 UK Home Care Group Award 2021, 2022 & 2023. We are extremely proud of the standard of care we deliver and we’re passionate about making what we call the ‘Alina Difference’ to peoples lives.

It’s no wonder why 99.7% of clients say they’re satisfied with our care and support!

Cost of Dementia Care

The cost of Dementia Care varies depending on individual needs. Perhaps you’re looking for a couple of hours of care a week or a Live-in Dementia Carer for round the clock support.

Our Team will work with you and your loved one to form a bespoke care plan that suits your individual requirements, routines and budget.

Complete our cost calculator to learn more about the cost of Dementia Home Care today.

When you get in touch with us, we can arrange a no obligation free home visit to discuss your care needs in more detail.

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a dementia care expert who specialises in dementia home care

Meet Sally, a Dementia Care expert

Quick questions

About our Dementia Care service

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia Care is when our professionally trained Care Workers cares for your loved one with dementia in their home to meet their needs and help them manage their routines. We care for your loved one regardless of what type of dementia they have. Our Dementia Care service includes Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care at Home.

Find your local Alina Homecare Team to learn more about how we can help you.

What is included in Dementia Care?

Among other tasks, Dementia Care can include washing, companionship, preparing meals and much more. Whatever you need, we can help.

Who delivers Dementia Care?

Our Home Carers for dementia will care for your loved one in the comfort of the home.

How long are Dementia Home Care visits?

The length of our Home Care visits varies and depend on the needs and the preferences of the client. Our care visits typically start from just 30 minutes and can last for however long required. With our Dementia Live-in Care service, care is provided 24 hours a day.

About Dementia Care costs

How much does it cost?

Dementia Care costs do vary according to the type of care needed, the number of care visits and where you live. To learn more and to get a personalised quote, find your local Team.

How can I fund Dementia Care?

There are many different ways to fund care. Find out more by reading our guide to Home Care funding.  

Is it right for me?

Is dementia home care better than a care home?

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, deciding between a care home or home care can be challenging. You want to make sure you’re making the right decision whilst keeping their best interests at heart. Ultimately, it depends on the level of care needed to meet the needs of the individual living with dementia.

Dementia Home Care allows people to stay in their familiar environment where they often feel the most comfortable and doesn’t involve the distress and upset of moving. Change can be difficult for a lot of people, but it’s particularly challenging and disruptive for those with dementia.

If you feel your loved one would benefit from remaining in their own home but requires 24 hour support, our Live-in Care is a great option. A Live-in Dementia Carer will move in with your loved one to provide round the clock care, whenever it is needed.

However, if the level of care is significant for your loved one with dementia, it may be safer and more appropriate to consider a care home where specialist resources and nursing care are available.

How do I find a dementia carer?

Our Carers are friendly, approachable and ready to help each client to live as independently as possible. At Alina Homecare, our Dementia Carers have received excellent training from our award nominated Alina Homecare Academy to provide high quality and respectful care.

Find your local Alina Homecare Team today to learn more.

When should I start looking for Dementia Care?

It’s recommended that if someone with dementia is not able to live safely independently as their dementia progresses, then it’s the right time to start looking into care arrangements. Depending on how much a loved one’s dementia is impacting their ability to live independently, there are different care options you can choose.

Understandably, this can be a challenging decision. If you’d like to talk through your options and learn more about the services we can offer, find your local Alina Homecare Team.

How can I care for someone with dementia at home?

Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you have no prior experience. You want to ensure a routine is maintained and that they are comfortable and safe.

Because of this, a lot of people choose Home Care or Live-in Care for their loved one with dementia. In fact, 60% of people who receive Home Care also have dementia.2 If you wish for your loved one to remain at home but they need some extra support, a Home Carer for dementia can help.

All our Dementia Carers have been trained via our exclusive Alina Homecare Training Academy and have knowledge of how best to care for someone with dementia. If you’d like to find out more or arrange a free, no obligation home visit, find your local Alina Homecare Team today.

About Alina Homecare

How does Alina Homecare compare to an agency?

Agencies are not regulated and quality cannot be guaranteed. We provide fully regulated services that are inspected by the CQC. We also provide full and exclusive training for our Care Workers, whereas private and agency Carers may not have comprehensive training. In addition to this, our services are also backed up with central support; this means you can count on us even if your Care Worker needs time off as our local Team can step in to ensure continuity of care.

What areas do you cover?

We provide Dementia Home Care across the South of England. Find your local Team.

How is Dementia Care monitored?

Like all our services, our Dementia Care is regulated by the CQC. The CQC is an independent regulator that inspects our services to ensure our quality standards are maintained. This includes checking that our care is focused on our clients as individuals, as well as that we keep you safe and secure at all times.

In addition to this, we are proud to partner with Birdie. Birdie’s innovative care technology enables us to digitally log and monitor the support we provide. The Birdie Family app., with your consent, also allows full visibility of care at any time for you and your loved ones. It’s a great way of providing added reassurance that you’re receiving the highest quality care.  

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1. National Institute for Health and Care Research, “Falls Prevention Programme is Effective in Care Homes“, Reviewed 17 February 2023
2. Alzheimer’s Research UK, “Care Services”, Reviewed 15 February 2023

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