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Find quality Home Care in the comfort of your home.

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What is Home Care?

Our Home Care services are personalised, compassionate and help you or your loved one continue to live at home.

Sugar in your tea. Places to see. Friends to stay. Birthday traditions. Crossword puzzles. Our award winning Home Care goes the extra mile. We work hard to understand what makes life enjoyable to you and suggest ways to keep it that way.

Also known as Care at Home, Home Care helps you live independently where you feel most comfortable. Whether you need Care at Home after a fall, support with getting around or a little companionship, our friendly Carers are happy to help.

At Alina Homecare, we’re committed to listening to you about your needs and preferences because for us, it’s all about you.

Your home. Your care. Your choice.

Our Home Care services

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Our services for conditions

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Why choose Home Care?

Our Carers deliver positive, quality care that is compassionate, gentle and always bespoke to you or your loved one.

Good quality and respectful care is all about the small details. We learn your preferences from how you like your tea, when you want to get dressed and all your cherished routines. When you would like to receive care is up to you. We are very flexible and work around you. Our Visiting Care means we can pop in for 30 minutes or longer or we also provide Live-in Care and 24 Hour Care at Home.

There are many benefits and advantages to Care at Home. Scroll sideways to explore some of these advantages in more detail.


Unlike most residential care, Home Care is fully focused on supporting you alone. With Live-in Care, one to one support is round the clock.

Cost Effective

You choose as much or as little care to suit any budget. If couples need care, sharing a carer can be more cost effective.

Improve Hygiene

Home Care ensures you or your loved one is safe, clean and secure. This reduces risk of infection and also can improve mental health.


Stay in control of your own routine. Make big and small decisions about everyday life. Family and friends can visit whenever you choose.

Stay Local

Local events. Familiar faces. Community is vital to everyday life. Unlike residential care, you or your loved one stay in your area.

Peace of Mind

It can be worrying if your loved one can’t perform certain tasks. We provide peace of mind, especially with our care monitoring app.

Maintain Routine

Getting out of bed. Eating three meals. A cup of tea. Personal Care helps maintain a healthy and reassuring routine.

Preserve Dignity

Home Care services relieve pressure on loved ones performing intimate tasks. Care Workers deliver care with dignity.

Stay Together

Staying together is important for couples. Unlike residential care, Home Care means you stay in your home and receive care together.

Keep Pets

Most care facilities don’t allow pets. With Home Care, stay close to your furry friend. Carers help with tasks like dog walks and feeds.

Enjoy Company

Living alone can be challenging but unfamiliar faces in a care home can be unsettling. Home Care provides privacy and companionship.

Award winning Home Care

At Alina Homecare, we’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and proud winners of the Top 20 UK Home Care Group Award in 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024. We are extremely proud of the high standards of care we deliver and we’re passionate about making what we call the ‘Alina Difference’ to people’s lives.

Our Team of friendly Home Care Workers receive excellent quality training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. They receive additional in-depth training for specific health conditions, such as dementia or Parkinson’s, so they have the knowledge to manage symptoms.

It’s no wonder why 99.7% of clients say they’re satisfied with our care and support!

Why choose Alina Homecare?

Carer and client who receives stroke home care


Our Teams have many years’ experience. We understand the challenges and we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Our entire service is designed to be simple.

Alina Homecare Training Academy

Excellent Training

Our Teams are carefully selected and receive advanced training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We don’t use an agency or freelance staff to maintain our reputation.

CQC regulation logo

Quality Care

Our strict performance guidelines, Care Quality Commission ratings and complete transparency via Birdie, our care monitoring app., give added confidence and quality assurance.

client who receives stroke home care

Personalised Care

At Alina Homecare, our Personalised Care is unique to each client. Home Care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion, dignity and respect.

Does your loved one need Home Care?

Deciding you or your loved one needs Home Care can be difficult. It may feel uncomfortable to talk about personal and intimate topics with family or friends. It may also be challenging to trust someone with intimate tasks if you or they require Personal Care services.

Choosing our professional Home Care service can help in this situation. Using our Carers reduces or eliminates the need for close family and friends to perform intimate tasks for their loved ones. They can also help bridge the gap if you live far from family or are otherwise unable to provide as much support as your loved one requires.

Of course, it can even be a challenge to recognise a loved one needs help at home. There are some questions you can ask to assess their situation:

Are they struggling to maintain routines, like bathing or oral hygiene?

Our Carers can support daily routines so life can continue the way you like. We help with anything from errands like housework to using the bathroom and hoisting, or shopping.

Does your loved one have a condition that requires additional support?

Our Carers are trained to support complex needs including for conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s and more.

Is your loved one reluctant to go into a care home?

Care at Home is a popular alternative to residential care. This is because it can be cost effective and allows you or your loved to remain in the home you love.

Is your loved one lonely or isolated?

Our Carers aren’t just professional, they’re also friendly! We can spend time with you or your loved one for valuable companionship and a listening ear.

Does your loved one have mobility issues?

Our Teams help with getting out and about, whether it be going out in the community or getting into and out of bed. Our Carers can also support with getting to, from and using the bathroom.

Paying for Home Care

The cost of Care at Home varies according to your needs. Our services are competitively priced and provide excellent value for the care we deliver.

Our Team works with you to find a personalised care plan that suits your requirements, routine and budget.

Learn more about the cost of Home Care by completing our costs calculator. When you get in touch, we can arrange a free no obligation home visit to discuss your needs in more detail.

Home Care reviews

We’re proud to serve our clients across the South of England. Read how our Home Care services have benefited them with these independent reviews on

Fully managed support

Carer and client who receives stroke home care

Dedicated Team

Our experienced local Teams know their communities inside out. From your local GP to your local supermarket, their knowledge helps make life easier. With central support, you can enjoy added peace of mind.

Alina Homecare Training Academy

Quality Team

Our central Quality Team sets us apart from agencies and self-employed carers. Our award winning care is reliable, regulated by the CQC and reinforced by our unwavering commitment to quality care.

CQC regulation logo

Exclusive Training

All our Care Workers are carefully selected and receive excellent training through our exclusive Alina Homecare Academy. We don’t use agency or freelance staff to protect our quality reputation.

client who receives stroke home care

Care Monitoring

Enjoy full transparency via our care monitoring app., allowing you and your loved ones to track Home Care as it happens. The app. monitors all aspects of care from mood changes to medication for more confidence.

Quick questions

About our Home Care service

What is Care at Home?

Also known as Home Care, Care at Home is personalised support that enables you to stay at home for longer. Sometimes we need a little more support than usual – and Care at Home is a way of receiving assistance where you feel most comfortable. Whether it’s home help with daily tasks, medication, getting ready for the day or assistance after an accident, our Teams can help in making your life easier.

How does Home Care work?

Home Care is a flexible service tailored to your specific needs. We work with you to agree a care plan with as much care as you need, and including the support you need. For some people, this might be companionship and help with daily housekeeping tasks. For others, this could mean more specialist help like hoisting, or even continuous 24 Hour Home Care and Live-in Care.

What is the difference between Home Care and Live-in Care?
The main difference is that Home Care involves a Carer visiting you throughout the day, and these visits can be as little as 30 minutes. On the other hand, Live-in Care involves your Carer moving in with you full time. Either way, you’ll receive quality care in the comfort of your home. With Live-in Care, enjoy continuous support and reassurance that there’s someone in the home all day if you need any help. There are lots of types of Home Care available, from Companionship Care to Personal Care and more specialist support services for conditions such as dementia and strokes. If you need help overnight, you could opt for a Live-in Carer or choose our Waking Nights service.

What is included?
Home Care can be whatever you want it to be! Our range of services include Personal Care, Domestic Care, Companion Care, Palliative Care and Respite Care. We also offer Live-in Care and Overnight Care if a waking night or sleeping night service is what you need.

About Home Care costs

How much does a Home Carer cost per hour?

Home Care costs vary depending on many factors. Costs will be determined by the type of care needed, how often it’s needed, and where you or your loved one live. Most of our Home Care services are charged on an hourly or part-hourly basis to ensure care remains fully flexible and changeable to suit your needs. However, if Overnight Care or Live-in Care is required, costs can be charged at a fixed rate. To learn more about how much Home Care costs, contact your local Alina Homecare Team for a more comprehensive cost assessment.

Do I have to pay for my Home Carers?

Most of our clients pay for their care privately, but you may be eligible for government support if you meet certain criteria. If you need help, you can have a financial assessment. This will determine if you’re eligible for help towards your care costs and whether your local authority will provide this.

About Home Care for you

When should I consider Care at Home?
Everyone’s process of preparing for Home Care is different. We can help in any circumstance. You or your loved one may be feeling overwhelmed, there could be an emergency, your main caregiver may be away, or you may simply like some company. We tailor our Home Care to suit your individual needs, so you can receive as much or as little help as necessary.

Is it suitable if I need specialist Home Care?
Absolutely. We can include more specialist services for conditions like Multiple Sclerosis , Parkinson’s, dementia, cancer and more. If necessary, we can also arrange for a second Care Worker to help during your visit if you have more complex needs.

Where can I read reviews?
You can hear firsthand from many of our clients on our profile as well as Google Business. We’re proudly recommended by 97% of our clients!

How do I get home help?
We’re just a phone call or email away! Shortly after contacting us, your nearest Alina Homecare Team will be in touch to better understand your needs and how we can help. After a free no obligation consultation held at your home, the Team will create a detailed and tailored care plan for you and discuss costs. With your agreement, the care delivery can begin.

Why should I choose Home Care vs a care home?
Home Care is great for those who wish to remain in the comfort of their home but need extra support. Moving into  a residential care facility can be daunting and many prefer to remain in a familiar environment surrounded by special memories. Home Care also provides personalised support that’s conducted in a manner to suit your needs and preferences. Unfortunately, care homes can’t provide the same level of dedicated and personalised care. In a care home, staff attention is shared between multiple residents. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you think would work best for you. Read our guide comparing Home Care with care homes.

How quickly can care be arranged?
We operate a responsive service. We work wherever possible to your timings and work very hard to ensure your care is in place when it’s needed. In most instances, we’re able to install care within 48 hours of initial contact, sometimes sooner if required. If you need Emergency Care, please contact your local Alina Homecare Team.

About Alina Homecare

How does Alina Homecare compare to an introductory agency?

Introductory agencies are not regulated and quality cannot be guaranteed. We provide fully regulated services that are inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We also provide full and exclusive training for our Care Workers, whereas private and agency carers may not have comprehensive training. In addition to this, our services are also backed up with central support; this means you can count on us even if your Care Worker needs time off as our local Team can step in to ensure continuity of care.

What areas do you cover?

We provide care across the South of England. Find your local Team.

How is Home Care monitored?

Our branches are registered with the CQC, the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. Their ratings reflect our commitment to quality assured care, and gives you added confidence that our services meet the highest quality standards.

In addition to this, we are proud to partner with Birdie Care. Birdie’s innovative care technology enables us to digitally log and monitor the support we provide. The Birdie Family App, with your consent, also allows full visibility of care at any time for you and your loved ones. It’s a great way of providing added reassurance that you’re receiving the highest quality care.  

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