Alina Homecare Academy

At Alina Homecare, our top priority is to ensure our staff are able to perform at their very best. To keep to this promise, we have created an in-house training course, which requires every joining carer to partake in irrespective of their previous experience.

 During this training course, carers are taught the Alina values as well as all the up to date knowledge and tools that they will need when practicing care on their future clients. With this training, it also paves the way for the carers proceeding careers as they strive towards excellence to achieve promotions and ambitions. 

We are incredibly proud and grateful for the hard work and dedication that each of our carer provides, which is why we have invested in developing our carers. We are #ProudToKnowACarer.

For more information about becoming an Alina carer, please contact:
Phone Number: 0330 055 22 22
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