Your Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

It’s time to think about Mother’s Day gift ideas for mum and other elderly relatives. At Alina Homecare, we know the past year has been a challenge,  particularly for those who haven’t been able to visit elderly relatives as much as they’d like.

As restrictions start to ease, it might be time to treat your Mum, Aunt or other elderly relative to something special for Mother’s Day. If you’re wondering, “What should I get my Mother for Mother’s Day?”, we’ve got just the guide for you…

A Hamper

There are plenty of great Mother’s Day gifts for elderly women to choose from which are Covid safe. A lovely surprise could be a hamper full of goodies landing on their doorstep. These can be delivered without any contact and personalised to suit your loved one’s preferences, whether she prefers fine dining or gourmet foods from around the world. Bon Appetit!


Mother’s Day gift ideas for elderly loved ones could be as traditional as a bright bouquet of  flowers. Try adding a colourful ribbon or a delicate vase for a special twist. Alternatively, you could send something long-lasting like a flowering shrub in their garden or bulbs already flowering in a pot.

A slice of luxury

Why not bring the comfort and decadence of a tearoom into your loved one’s home? Send afternoon tea to their door so they can enjoy some delicious tea, scones with fresh cream, and freshly cut sandwiches on Mothering Sunday.

Find local catering companies and cafes who can arrange and deliver these Mother’s Day treats, and you’ll also be supporting local businesses!

A Photo Frame

If you’re not able to see your mum on a regular basis and she doesn’t ‘do technology’ so you can’t talk to her on-line, why not send her a recent photo of yourself in a lovely frame so she can look at it when you phone her.  

Companion Care

One of the many things families with elderly relatives worry about, especially during the pandemic, is loneliness. That’s why companion services are becoming increasingly popular offering a bit of much-needed human contact. In a world that has got used to social distancing, loneliness and social exclusion have been a growing problem for many.

Alina Homecare offers a variety of high quality care at home services you can choose from, delivered by trained carers. Companion carers provide company, conversation and the chance to share interests and hobbies.

How about gifting our elderly cleaning services for Mother’s Day? Whilst cleaning the home, we always ensure we follow social distancing rules and Government and Public Health England PPE guidelines to keep your loved ones safe. Once restrictions have lifted, our carers could also take your loved one on days out, run errands, or attend social events.

“What should I get my elderly Mother for Mother’s Day?” need not be a question to ask any more! The answer is Alina Homecare.

Talk to your nearest team

At Alina Homecare, we would be delighted to discuss ways we can create tailored support for your mum. We understand that everyone has different expectations and needs, so we are always ready to chat through ways in which we can make life easier for you and your mum in the comfort of their own home.

Our teams are ready to take your call. We can also arrange a free no-obligation consultation at your loved one’s home to discuss their needs and preferences.

Visit our locations page to find your nearest team now.

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