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100 gifts for the elderly: ideas for older men & women

There’s nothing better than gifting something special to a loved one and seeing it brighten their day. However, choosing the perfect gift isn’t always an easy task. This is particularly the case if you’re looking for a gift for the elderly – especially if they insist they don’t need anything!

You want to make sure you’re gifting something that they’ll use and enjoy whilst also making sure it fits within your budget. To help, we’ve come up with 100 great ideas if you’re looking for gifts for elderly men or women. Whether it’s your Dad, your Grandad, your Mum or your Grandma, we’ve got you covered!

This guide includes a wide range of elderly gift ideas to suit different interests and budgets. You’re bound to find the perfect present for your loved one. We’ve included inexpensive gifts to luxury gifts, gifts that involve activities and even some last minute gifts if you’re in a rush.

To make life easier, we’ve included links to different elderly gifts to help your search. We do not make any financial gain from any of these links, nor do we endorse or recommend any specific products or companies.

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Gift ideas for older men

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for Grandad or the perfect gift for older men who have everything, we’ve got you covered.

1. Digital radio

If you’re struggling to think of gift ideas for older men, a digital radio can be a great option. This is particularly the case if your elderly loved one enjoys listening to music or keeping up with the news. They’re usually easy to use and there are a variety of different types and sizes on the market.

Many can experience elderly loneliness, especially if they live by themselves. A digital radio playing around the home can combat these feelings and improve your loved one’s quality of life. The nostalgia a vintage digital radio can bring back can make it a great gift for an 80 year old man.

2. Air purifier

We all want to keep our elderly loved ones safe and healthy as they age. If you’re thinking about what gift to give an elderly man in your life, an air purifier can be a helpful option. They work by moving air through filters which catch pollutants and other particles and release clean air back out.

There are a wide range of benefits to air purifiers, especially for the elderly. This includes better circulation, a strengthened immune system, improved sleep and it decreases the chances of catching an airborne respiratory disease.1

3. Robot vacuum

Who doesn’t want to receive the gift of a cleaner home? A robot vacuum can be a perfect gift for older men as they clean the floor with the touch of a button. As people age, it can be harder to keep up with household tasks so a gift like this could be a great addition to your elderly loved one’s life.

They’re easy to use and often require minimal maintenance. Depending on your budget, some robot vacuums can also mop the floor, automatically empty when they’re full and even clean themselves. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of robots doing daily tasks around the home, you could look at hiring a Domestic Care Worker!

4. Video doorbell

A video doorbell, such as a Ring Doorbell, is an increasingly popular gift for elderly men. They’re beneficial as your elderly loved one can see who is at the door and communicate without having to get up. This is particularly advantageous if your loved one struggles with mobility. If your loved one experiences this, our Mobility Care can help.

Video doorbells can also provide you and other family members peace of mind. You can check if your loved one has left their home and it can also be useful for safety and security reasons.

5. Resistance bands

Does your elderly loved one enjoy keeping fit and active? If so, another gift idea for older men could be resistance bands. They’re lightweight, easy to use and low impact which means they’re safer than other alternatives.

Resistance bands are strong elastic bands which can be used with many parts of the body to improve strength and fitness. They’re an ideal gift for elderly men as they can be used sitting down and can come in different levels of resistance to suit different capabilities. It’s important for your health to stay active for as long as possible which makes this an ideal gift for a 70 year old man.

6. Wash set

When we look our best, we often feel our best. If you’re considering what would make a great gift for older men, a new wash set can be a great idea. There are many different types out there so there’s bound to be one that fits your budget.

A lot of the time they contain products such as cologne, shower gel and body cream. They also come in a wide range of scents to suit many different preferences. If you’re looking for a gift that can make your elderly loved one feel like their best self, a new wash set can be the answer. Of course, if your elderly loved one needs help with grooming, our Personal Care service is also a great option.

7. Water flosser

Give the gift of a great smile! A water flosser can help your elderly loved one keep their teeth clean and healthy. They work by using pressurised pulsating water to remove any food or harmful plaque.

They’re an ideal gift for elderly men as they’re small, light and easy to use. Many elderly people struggle to floss because as people age, eyesight, strength and dexterity worsen. A water flosser however, is much easier for the elderly and it doesn’t require as much effort to use.

8. Hand grabber tool

A grabber tool can be a great gift for older men as it can make reaching things around the home easier. Perhaps your elderly loved one struggles to bend down to pick something up? Maybe they can no longer reach things on the top shelf easily? Using a grabber tool to help can make their life easier and reduce the chance of injury.

This gift idea is great for lower budgets and can come in a range of sizes to suit any home. Because most people experience reduced mobility as they age, a grabber tool is likely to come in handy at some point.

9. Book light

Another great gift for old men is a book light. This could be a useful and practical gift if your elderly loved one enjoys reading. Often, they’re small lights that clip to the cover of a book to illuminate the pages.

A lot of elderly people find reading challenging, especially if they have reduced vision. A book light can make it easier to read the text which could encourage them to read more.

10. Water bottle

The elderly are at greater risk of dehydration than other age groups and most people over 65 don’t drink enough water.2 This can have serious health implications including electrolyte imbalance, constipation and kidney problems. Because of this, a water bottle could be an ideal gift for older men.

Receiving a new water bottle could encourage your loved one to drink more. There are numerous options for water bottles which differ in size and features. For example, some may include a section to put in fresh fruit to infuse your drink. It’s important to consider the size of the water bottle as something too big or heavy when full may be difficult for your elderly loved one to use.

11. Interactive speaker

With a wide range of options available on the market, an interactive speaker, such as an Alexa or Google Home, can make a perfect gift for elderly men. They’re often small and discreet and help with many activities which can be extremely useful for the elderly. For example, they can set timers, turn lights on or off and can set reminders. This is helpful if your elderly loved one is forgetful, struggles with their mobility or has a neurological condition like dementia.

Interactive speakers can also provide companionship for the elderly. They can converse with them which can offer an alternative to feeling isolated if they have no one else to talk with. Choosing Companion Care for your elderly loved one can also help to avoid these feelings if they would rather chat with a person instead of a speaker.

interactive speakers as a gift idea for older men

Gifts for older women

As we get older, tastes can change and material things may carry less value and meaning. That can make finding the ideal gift for senior women even more challenging – but the ideas below are sure to give you some inspiration for the perfect present!

12. Digital photo frame

A digital photo frame is a lovely way of sharing photos with loved ones and keeping memories alive. By sharing photos of yourself and your family, you can help to prevent feelings of loneliness for your elderly loved one, even when you’re apart. Seeing photos of happy memories or occasions can boost someone’s mood and create stronger relationships.

Digital photo frames such as the Google Nest Hub have become an increasingly popular way of displaying photos in recent years because of their versatility. Although they may seem like a large purchase initially, you can save money long term by not regularly printing new photos. Plus, instead of displaying photos in various albums, you can simply upload your photos to a digital frame and choose which ones get displayed.

Most digital photo frames require an internet connection, especially for initial set up. Therefore, if you’re buying one for someone who doesn’t have internet access, you’ll need to consider one that’s usable without a Wi-Fi connection.

13. Essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are popular gifts for older women as they can have soothing effects on the mind and body. They release a revitalising scent and offer many health and wellbeing benefits. The soothing aroma from essential oils can calm thoughts and release tension, helping you to relax. If your loved one suffers from anxiety or stress, an essential oil diffuser can help alleviate these feelings and create a calm atmosphere around the home.

Although many of them require mains electricity, they’re inexpensive to run as they usually have a time setting. Essential oil diffusers are a great gift for helping to take care of your elderly loved one’s wellbeing in your absence, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

14. Toothpaste & soap dispensers

If your elderly loved one is living with a disability or mobility difficulties, something as simple as a toothpaste or soap dispenser can make a huge difference in daily life. Personal care is a sensitive topic and something that many elderly people want to maintain control over as they age. However, conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s can result in reduced dexterity or motor skills which can make personal care more difficult to manage alone.

A hands free toothpaste or soap dispenser would make an operational gift by helping to reduce mess and waste, making personal care easier for them to maintain. You might also be interested in our Personal Care service, which involves a Carer helping your elderly loved one with their daily hygiene tasks.

15. Family tree of photos

A family tree of photos is a unique gift for senior women – either a Mum, Grandma or close friend. It’s a gift you can personalise and create yourself, putting a lot of time and effort into it. Alternatively, it’s something you can bond over and enjoy creating together. In some cases, it can provide an opportunity to reconnect with relatives they’ve lost touch with.

However, be mindful of whom you gift this to. For someone with past family conflicts, this kind of gift may cause upset and hurt feelings. But for someone who’s had good family relationships, having their family history on display and being able to discuss it with younger generations is a gift guaranteed to move them.

16. Eyeglasses chain

Do you have an older woman in your life who’s constantly forgetting where she put her glasses? Glasses chains are an ideal solution! By simply attaching the glasses to a chain, she’ll never have to worry about misplacing them again. Plus, not only are they practical, they’re also a fashionable way of accessorising and injecting personality into your style. A glasses chain is a great way to express individuality and tastes and can make an ideal gift for senior women. Coming in a variety of styles, from simple and minimalist chains to bold and flamboyant styles, you’re bound to find something for everyone!

17. Shopping trolley caddy

A shopping trolley caddy is an ideal gift for senior women who find it difficult to carry heavy bags or stand for long periods. A shopping trolley will enable them to walk more steadily and is a great place to store shopping items so your loved one doesn’t have to carry the weight.

Shopping trolley caddies come in different sizes. Therefore, before buying this gift, you should consider what the recipient will be able to manage. For example, a larger bag will be heavier when it’s full of items so could end up being unmanageable. Another thing to consider is the handle length – a shorter handle will be better suited for a shorter person.

Some shopping trolley caddies even come with a seat facility which is ideal for someone with reduced mobility who regularly needs to rest. They can help to reduce stress on joints, making them popular gifts for older women with arthritis or other mobility concerns. When going for a walk, a shopping trolley with a seat supplies them with somewhere to store essential items such as a coat, water and purse, as well as providing a valuable resting place. When travelling by bus, a shopping trolley seat provides somewhere to sit while they’re waiting. Be sure to check the seat weight capacity to make sure it’s suitable.

18. Grocery delivery services

If your elderly loved one finds grocery shopping tiring or is unable to do their shopping unassisted, a grocery delivery service could be an ideal gift to provide some reassurance. Not only can grocery delivery services be convenient and time saving, but they can also help you ensure your loved one maintains a balanced and healthy diet with all the essentials they need.

19. Newspaper or magazine subscription

Does your elderly Mother or Grandma regularly read a favourite newspaper or magazine? If so, a subscription to a publication can be another lovely gift for senior women. Newspapers and magazines are a great way to stay connected with the outside world and a subscription to one is usually more cost effective than buying them weekly.

Nowadays, a subscription generally means your loved one will receive newspaper content online; this means it’s accessible anytime, anywhere but can also be a challenge if the person you’re buying a gift for isn’t tech savvy. That said, if your loved one prefers physical copies, you can still get this service from a local newsagent who will conveniently deliver a copy to their door.

20. Bird watching book & binoculars

A gift idea for an elderly woman who appreciates nature and observing birds in their natural environment is a bird watching book. Bird watching is a fun activity for elderly people that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and inexpensively. A bird watching book can help identify birds and binoculars are a useful, but not essential, tool.

Binoculars should be comfortable to hold with a focus wheel that’s easy to turn and adjust, otherwise the recipient will be less likely to use them often. If possible, check that you’re able to look through them without straining your eyes so you can be sure they’ll be an enjoyable gift to use!

21. Life journal

Help your loved one create a lasting keepsake that can be handed down from one generation to another with a life journal. It can be a special way for your elderly Mother or Grandmother to recall fond memories and can even be something that you work on together so you can learn more about them.

Journaling is well known for being therapeutic and reducing stress and is therefore a lovely gift for senior women to help them relax and unwind. The beauty of journaling is that it can be enjoyed from anywhere – team it with a stationery set and you’ll have given them a personal gift that’s sure to bring a sense of nostalgia.

22. Worry stone

A worry stone is a small, smooth stone that’s typically shaped like an oval small enough to fit in your pocket, commonly used for relaxation. The idea is to hold them in your hand and gently move your thumb across the stone to relieve feelings of anxiety, stress or worry. They’re popular gifts for older women who live alone and experience feelings of loneliness or worry. With many different shapes and designs available, you’ll be able to find a worry stone that’s personal and meaningful to your loved one.

Worry stones as gifts for older women

Christmas gift ideas for older men

Make this time of year even more special with a great gift for elderly men in your life. We’ve combined some great ideas if you’re looking for a Christmas present for Grandad, Dad or another elderly loved one.

23. Heated massager

If you’re still wondering what would make a good Christmas gift for older men, a heated massager could be a great option. They come in a range of types and sizes so there’s bound to be an ideal one for your loved one. Available options include a back, foot and head massager.

Not only would most people enjoy using one, but they can also help improve your loved one’s quality of life. They help soothe muscles and alleviate pain which leads to increased comfort.

24. Electric blanket

It can get extremely cold around Christmas time which can be dangerous for the elderly, who are more likely to be affected by cold weather. Impacts of this include higher blood pressure, increased likeliness of hypothermia and increased chances of a heart attack.3

Gifting your elderly loved one an electric blanket can reduce the chances of this occurring. They’re easy to use and only require plugging in. Most electric blankets come in a range of sizes, colours and textures and often, you can adjust the temperature to your liking.

25. Electric mug

A great Christmas present for older men who enjoy a hot drink is an electric mug. All you do is fill up the mug with cold water, alongside instant coffee or a teabag for example, put it on the stand and wait for it to heat up. Some electric coffee mugs can even allow you to track the temperature through an app.

Not only do they heat your hot drink to the perfect temperature, but can also keep it warm. Additionally, they eliminate the need to use boiling water from a kettle which makes it safer for your elderly loved one.

26. Automatic jar opener

As people age, they often find simple everyday activities, such as opening a jar, more difficult. If you’re elderly loved one struggles with this, then an automatic jar opener could make a fantastic Christmas present for old men.

To use one, you just simply put it on top of a jar lid and press a button. It will then safely remove the lid of the jar, making life easier for your loved one.

27. Heated mattress pad

Another great Christmas gift idea for an older man is a heated mattress pad. There are a range of benefits to these and they can ultimately make your loved one’s life more comfortable. They lie directly on top of a mattress and heat up.

Not only does this make your loved one’s bed more comfortable, but the heat can also help soothe any back pain. As a result, your loved one may find their quality of sleep improves.

28. Wheelchair blanket

It’s important to keep warm throughout the colder seasons, especially for the elderly. This is particularly the case if they’re frail or have a pre-existing condition. If your elderly loved one uses a wheelchair, a wheelchair blanket could make a superb Christmas gift.

Most wheelchair blankets are universal and can fit most wheelchairs. They often fit around the person’s legs and zip up to ensure they’re kept warm. Going outside and getting fresh air is important for the elderly and a wheelchair blanket is a great way to support this.

29. Compression socks

Compression socks don’t just keep you comfortable and warm, but they also help to preserve your health. They work by gently squeezing the leg to improve blood flow and reduce fluid build up and swelling. If you’re buying a Christmas gift for an elderly man who enjoys being active, compression socks can be an ideal option.

With a range of designs and sizes available on the market, you’re likely to find a pair that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face. You can even get Christmas themed compression socks! 

30. Scarf, gloves & a hat

As previously mentioned, it’s important for the elderly to stay warm throughout the winter. Because of this, a scarf, gloves and a hat can make a handy present for older men. These accessories are an absolute staple for the elderly in winter to keep them warm and cosy.

Most clothing shops sell scarves, gloves and hats around Christmas time. There are also often options to purchase them as a set which makes for a great present.

31. Medication dispenser

Remembering to take the right medication at the correct time can be difficult. This can be particularly hard for the elderly who may struggle with their memory. Fortunately, a great gift for old men to combat this issue could be a medication dispenser or a dosette box. Read our guide on what is a dosette box and how to use one to learn more.

There are a range of medication dispensers on the market which differ in size and features. For instance, some medication dispensers feature a clock and release the correct medication at the time it needs to be taken. If you’re thinking about what would make a great gift for older men, a medication dispenser could be the answer.

32. Elderly cookbook

It’s important for the elderly to eat enough of the right food but sometimes it can be difficult thinking of meal ideas. If your elderly loved one isn’t eating enough, a cookbook for the elderly can make a great present.

These cookbooks often include easy to follow recipes with larger text than usual. Some even feature easy to chew recipes or ones that are suitable for people with diabetes for instance. This could also be a great idea to encourage your elderly loved one to eat nutritious meals to promote healthy living.

33. Slippers

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a new pair of cosy slippers for Christmas? If you’re struggling to think of a Christmas gift idea for an older man, a pair of slippers always makes a great present. They’re useful, practical and can help keep your elderly loved one warm during the winter.

For added safety, you can even choose anti-slip slippers. These have extra rubber grips on the soles of the slipper to increase the amount of friction with the surface you’re walking on. As a result, it decreases the chances of your loved one slipping while wearing them.

slippers as a Christmas gift idea for older men

Christmas gifts for older women

Show a special elderly Mother, Grandmother, Aunt or friend in your life how much they mean to you with these festive gift ideas to make Christmas even more magical.

34. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to relieve stress and anxiety. They’re especially helpful for people with dementia, but also great for anyone who struggles with not sleeping, feels anxious, or would just generally like to feel more relaxed. They’re great for colder weather as many of them come with a soft, cosy cover that can be taken off and put in the wash.

A weighted blanket is typically pricier than the average blanket, but most people find they’re worth the investment due to their calming qualities. They’re often available in different weight variations, so be sure to get one that’s safe for your elderly loved one to manage alone.

35. Woollen jumper or poncho

During the cold winter months, sometimes the best gift for senior women is a woollen jumper or poncho that’s going to keep them warm and cosy!

There are many kinds of wool, but some can be expensive. Make sure you purchase one that isn’t going to irritate their skin. Merino wool is a thermoregulating fabric that reacts to the body’s temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also super soft, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Alternatively, cashmere is a natural, breathable material that’s especially good for insulation.

36. Customised photo calendar

Personalised gifts for older women are unique and meaningful. One option is a customised photo calendar for the year ahead. For your elderly Mother, this is a lovely way to gift them precious photographs of the family to enjoy throughout the year.

Personalised photo calendars are popular gifts for older women, especially Grandparents and there are many online stores which offer them. Simply choose the calendar design you want, then upload your chosen images to the different months. As each month ends and they turn the page to a new one, the photos you’ve selected are sure to put a smile on their face!

37. Christmas scented candles

Candles make great Christmas gifts for older ladies as they make the home extra cosy and festive – especially when they’re Christmas scented! In the lead up to Christmas, most supermarkets and high street stores sell festive candles so they’re easy to get hold of. You can even find decorative candles in the shape of a Christmas tree which could make a nice addition if you have a mantlepiece.

However, it’s important to remember never to leave a burning flame unattended. If your elderly loved one is prone to forgetfulness and likely to leave the candle burning absentmindedly, this might not be an ideal Christmas present. There are safer options available that you could give them instead, such as festive scented plug in air fresheners or even an electric candle. Plug in air fresheners are a great alternative because they can be left unattended, as long as they’re used per the instructions. They still give off a lovely scent throughout the day to get you in the festive mood!

38. Thermal tops & trousers

Thermal tops and trousers are ideal Christmas presents for older ladies to keep them warm during the cold winter months, especially if they’re sitting a lot at home. They’re available from most high street clothing stores and have varying levels of warmth. Thermals are great for layering underneath clothing so your loved one can be warm and cosy in their home.

39. Foot spa

Foot spas make relaxing Christmas gifts for older women. They have many health benefits, such as improving circulation and blood flow, reducing muscle tension and swelling and releasing endorphins which can help to reduce pain.4 Engaging in self care helps to reduce stress and improve mood. A foot spa can also increase energy levels, resulting in improved sleep quality.

40. Knitting supplies

Does your elderly loved one enjoy knitting? If so, knitting supplies such as wool, needles or a knitting bag are nice Christmas gifts for older ladies. As previously mentioned, you could even get them a subscription to their favourite knitting magazine!

Alternatively, if your elderly loved one hasn’t tried knitting before, this could be an opportunity to get them interested! Knitting involves using motor skills and problem solving, which helps to keep the brain active and engaged. It’s also known to be a good stress reliever. During the festive season, you may be able to find some knitting groups in the local area for them to attend and get quality social engagement.

41. Make up or toiletries bag

A decent sized toiletries bag that can easily fit all beauty essentials is a fabulous gift for senior women. During the festive period, many stores offer toiletries bags full of cosmetic goodies! If you’re looking for something more personal, you could customise a toiletries bag to make a unique and special gift.

42. Stationery set

Writing by hand is a personal and unique way of staying connected with family and friends. Handwriting engages the brain and uses motor skills that typing on a computer does not. As a result, this helps to prevent certain forms of cognitive decline and encourages creativity. If your loved one enjoys writing or completing the daily newspaper crossword, personalised stationery sets are lovely Christmas gifts for older women. It could also encourage them to engage in letter writing or journaling which can reduce stress.

43. Towel sets

Inject some comfort into your loved one’s bathroom by gifting them an extravagant towel set. Investing in a luxurious material that’s gentle on their delicate skin can be a real mood booster! After a relaxing bath, a soft towel can feel like a warm hug. These can even be personalised too with their initials or name embroidered.

44. Personalised cushion cover

Does your elderly Mother or Nan have a beloved pet in their life? A wonderful gift idea for senior women is a personalised cushion cover of their favourite photo of their pet. If their pet is no longer with them, this is particularly precious as it can make them feel close to them and bring back fond memories. Personalised cushion covers are available to customise online and most sellers will inform you if the quality of your chosen image isn’t good enough to print on a cushion cover.

Personalised cushion cover of a pet as Christmas gifts for older women

Father’s Day gift ideas

Make Father’s Day special with the perfect present for your elderly loved one. Take a look at the following presents to help you in your search for a great Father’s Day gift for older men.

45. Personalised wallet

If you’re wondering what would make a thoughtful gift for a Grandad or Dad for Father’s Day, a personalised wallet can make a nice present. Over time, wallets begin to wear and break. If your elderly loved one has been using the same one for a while, it might be time for a new one!

Personalising it can add an extra meaningful touch, making it more special. There are many ways they can be personalised, including getting their initials or a message engraved, or you can even have a picture printed onto some.

46. Weighted neck wrap

A weighted neck wrap can also make a great present idea for Grandads or older Dads. They work by simply sitting around the back of the neck to promote relaxation. Additionally, they can also alleviate muscle tension and soreness around the neck and back area.

Some weighted neck wraps are infused with different scents to help relaxation. This can be a useful gift for elderly Dads or Grandads who may struggle to relax or experience tension around the neck.

47. Key location tag

Trying to find your lost keys can be a pain. A lot of people misplace their keys often, however this can happen more frequently for the elderly as your memory worsens with age. A helpful gift for older Dads or Grandads who misplace their keys from time to time is a key location tag. This could be especially helpful if your loved one suffers from elderly paranoia.

They’re easy to use which is ideal for the elderly. All you do is attach the tag to a set of keys and if they go missing, just click the button on the remote to find them. Subsequently, the tag will make a beeping sound making it easy to locate.

48. Large print playing cards

Does your elderly Dad or Grandad enjoy playing a game of cards? If so, a fresh pack of large print playing cards can make a fantastic gift for older men on Father’s Day. This can be a good idea if you have a smaller budget as they’re often inexpensive.

Because they are large print, they are better for the elderly to use as vision often decreases as we age and the smaller text may be difficult to read. This is a great gift as it’s good for the elderly to keep their mind engaged and active and it’s something which you can play together.

49. Experience day

A lot of the time, there’s nothing better than spending quality time with the people you love. Making memories and trying new things together can often make a better present than a physical gift. If your elderly Dad or Grandad would enjoy a day out together for Father’s Day, an experience day can be the answer.

Typically, you can choose from a wide variety of activities and many make a suitable gift for older men. This can include food tasting, a railway trip on a classic train or a golf break. Day trips for elderly people can make a great gift for someone who may not want or need anything and you’re bound to find something that suits their interests.

50. Armchair caddy

Does your Dad or Grandad frequently sit in the same armchair? Do they often misplace the television remote or like to keep their favourite sweets at arm’s reach? If this is the case, an armchair caddy can help!

They usually rest on the arm of a chair or sofa and have pockets to keep things neat and organised. Some even feature a tray for your loved one to rest their drink on safely. They can come in many different colours and sizes so it’s likely there will be the perfect caddy for your elderly loved one.

51. Food hamper

Another great gift for older Dads or Grandads on Father’s Day is a food hamper. Receiving your favourite snacks or trying new and different foods can make an exciting present. If your loved one enjoys eating, a food hamper can be an ideal gift.

You could even personalise a food hamper to include your loved one’s favourite snacks to make it more meaningful. You can even get some food hampers that are designed for people with certain conditions, such as diabetes.

52. Window hung bird feeder

A lot of elderly people are unable to get outdoors as much as they used to and spend more time indoors. Because of this, your gift could encourage them to find joy in trying out new hobbies inside the home, such as bird watching. A window hung bird feeder can be a great gift for older Dads or Grandads who enjoy looking at nature.

Window hung birdfeeders are often transparent containers which stick to a window so when a bird feeds from it, you can watch it up close. This gift idea could bring an added boost to your loved one’s mood, making it a great present for Father’s Day.

53. Electronic reader

Reading is enjoyed by many people, including the elderly. If your Dad or Grandad enjoys reading, an electronic reader, such as a Kindle, can be a useful present. They can hold many books all in one place, so there’s always something new for your loved one to read.

Electronic readers can be more beneficial for the elderly compared to a book as they can make it easier for them to read. For example, they’re lighter than some books and on most, it’s possible to zoom in and adjust the brightness. They’re also a good way to encourage your loved one to read more which has been proven to strengthen memory and cognitive function.6

54. Tea selection box

If your Dad or Grandad enjoys a cup of tea, what better than a tea selection box for Father’s Day? A selection box means your loved one will be able to try a range of flavours or brands they usually wouldn’t which can be exciting for them.

There are many different variations of tea selection boxes. Some include a variety of different herbal teas whereas some may contain biscuits or other snacks. If you’re wondering what to gift a tea lover in your life, this could be the answer!

55. Golf range finder

Golf is a popular sporting activity for elderly people. In fact, over 60% of golf players in the UK are aged over 50.5 If your elderly loved one enjoys a round of golf, gifting him something that can help his game can make a much loved present.

If you’re thinking about what golf gifts for older men to purchase for Father’s Day, a golf range finder can make an ideal present. They work by pointing a laser across the course to measure the distance to the hole. This can make a great gift for a 60 year old man who is a golf lover!

golf range finder as a Father's Day gift idea for older men

Mother’s Day gifts for elderly Mothers

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show your Mother or Grandmother how special they are to you. Read on for gift ideas that’ll let them know how much you appreciate them!

56. Gift voucher for beauty services

As we get older, it can be more difficult to maintain personal care routines, especially as eyesight can diminish and mobility decrease. Some older women with neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis may experience uncontrollable tremors in their hands, for example. This can make taking care of their hair or nails more challenging.

We all want to look nice and indulge in a bit of self care and pampering. A wonderful gift for an elderly Mother is a voucher for services like visiting a hair stylist or nail salon. Not only is it something that can give her mood a boost and make her feel good, but it’s something you could enjoy together and spend quality time with each other!

57. Garden Centre gift card

Mother’s Day is an ideal time of year to buy seeds, flowers or plant pots to spruce up the garden in time for spring. Gardening is all about personal preference, so a gift card is a great idea to allow them to choose their items. But a garden centre isn’t just for gardening supplies – most of them have nice restaurants or cafés too! A gift card means that even if they don’t enjoy gardening, you can still get out and about and spend time together.

58. Afternoon tea experience

Why not make Mother’s Day extra special and surprise your Mum with an afternoon tea experience for two? Not only will she get to enjoy a variation of teas, cakes and sandwiches, but she’ll have the added delight of spending quality time with you! What could be more enjoyable than sitting back and catching up while you’re being served delicious food? From traditional afternoon tea to themed experiences, you’re bound to find something to suit all tastes. Afternoon tea is often available in local cafes, garden centres and places like National Trust properties.

59. Personalised jewellery case

An older woman is sure to have collected precious pieces over her lifetime and a jewellery case is a lovely gift for elderly Mothers to store them securely. A personalised jewellery case is even more special and will mean so much more. A custom engraving is a unique gift and you can find a variation of sizes and styles online.

60. Portable music player

Music can have many beneficial effects on elderly people, especially those living with dementia. It’s been shown to improve thoughts, feelings, perceptions, mood and behaviour. Devices used to play music have evolved and changed over the years and elderly people may find they’re unable to listen to their favourite tunes in the way they’re used to.

Gifting someone a portable music player can make an immeasurable difference in their life and have a profound positive impact. Older methods of playing music, like a record player, have recently come back into fashion so you could also treat your loved one to a blast from their past!

61. Luxury spa hamper

Engaging in self care is proven to reduce anxiety and depression, enhance self confidence and increase happiness.6 Therefore a luxury spa hamper gift basket containing self care items is a wonderful gift for senior women. You can find ready made hampers in stores or online, or you can create your own for a more personal touch.

Items such as bath salts, bath bombs, shower gels, body lotions, face masks and other skincare products are ideal to include so they can relax and pamper themselves. If your elderly loved one is mobile and your budget allows, you could also treat them to a spa day experience for quality time together.

62. Gardening seeds

Gardening seeds make lovely gifts for elderly Mothers on Mother’s Day as it marks the beginning of spring. Seeds for fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes and more are great for growing in your garden.

Growing your own food has many health and wellness benefits. Pottering in the garden and being outdoors is good for mental health and reduces stresses of everyday life. Not only is gardening a form of exercise, but eating freshly grown produce is also good for the environment.

63. Magnified light up mirror

Personal appearance can be more difficult to maintain as we age. This can be especially true for those who are unable to spend as much time on their feet looking in the mirror or who have reduced vision. A great solution to this is a magnified mirror with a built-in light.

Having a mirror which is magnified and lights up can make a huge difference, especially for those who have difficulties with their vision. A mirror that’s portable and can be placed on a table or countertop can make it much easier to take care of beauty and hygiene. Independence is important for many elderly people and this device is a great way of allowing elderly loved ones to maintain control over their routines.

64. Hand illustrated portrait of a pet

Like a personalised cushion cover, a hand illustrated portrait of a pet is a lovely addition to any home and it’s incredibly special. If you’re not particularly artistic, there are many talented artists available online on social media who will create a beautiful handmade portrait for you using a photograph you’ve provided. The best thing about handmade gifts is that each one is unique and exclusive.

65. Perfume making experience

Throughout our lives, we usually find a scent that’s especially appealing and meaningful to us. Sometimes these scents can get lost or discontinued and it’s difficult to find a replacement. A perfume making experience is a lovely way to spend quality time with your Mother on Mother’s Day. You can learn from a perfume stylist about what it takes to create a blend of scents together. From simple floral tones to earthy notes, everyone has different personal preferences and it’s a chance for you to create yours!

66. Items hand decorated by Grandchildren

Handmade gifts often mean the most, especially as we get older. They’re the perfect way to show someone special how much you care for them without having to spend lots of money. A photo frame or picture hand decorated by Grandchildren or Godchildren make beautiful presents for Grandmothers. You can fill the frame with a photograph of your choice, or you can leave it blank for them to choose their own photograph to insert.

Items hand decorated by Grandchildren as Mother’s Day gifts for elderly Mothers

Gift ideas for the elderly with a condition

If your elderly loved one has a condition, it can be a good idea to gift them something that can support them in their everyday life. To help, we’ve come up with some great elderly gift ideas.

67. Dementia clock

If your elderly loved one has dementia, a useful gift is something that they can use to support their condition. An ideal gift for people with dementia is a dementia clock. They work by displaying the day, date and time on a large surface to make them highly visible.

They can help people with dementia by reminding them of the time and day which can ease their anxiety. Dementia clocks can also help your elderly loved one establish a routine and remind them to complete tasks, such as eating, at certain times. If you’re loved one would benefit more from having someone support them to complete their daily routine, a Dementia Care Worker can help.

68. Fidget blanket

Another gift for people with dementia that can support them in managing their condition is a fidget blanket. Many people with dementia sit down a lot of the time and can become restless or anxious. A fidget blanket can help as it can distract the person with dementia and encourage them to focus on something else.

Although there are many you can purchase online, you could also make a homemade fidget blanket. By doing this, you can tailor it to your loved one’s preferences and choose what you think they would enjoy fidgeting with.

69. Memory activity book

A memory activity book can also make a great, budget friendly gift for people with dementia. There are many memory activity books to choose from with different puzzles and themes. They can be particularly beneficial if your elderly loved one with dementia feels bored or restless often.

Memory activity books help people with dementia as they’re not only a distraction if they’re feeling anxious, but they also encourage them to use their brain and strengthen their cognitive function.

70. Back support

Nearly 85% of elderly people will experience back pain at some point which can make daily tasks a struggle.7 If your loved one experiences back pain or has arthritis, a back support can make a great gift idea for the elderly.

A back support works by wrapping around the back tightly to support the position of the hips, pelvis and spine. They help by relieving pressure and encouraging good posture. Some can even heat up to help alleviate back pain further.

71. Arthritis gloves

Arthritis affects people’s mobility in different ways. However, a lot of people who have arthritis experience pain and reduced mobility in their hands. This is particularly the case when the weather is cooler.

Arthritis gloves can make a useful gift for the elderly who experience pain in their hands. These tight fitting gloves are designed to relieve pain and stiffness that come with arthritis to promote improved mobility.

72. Swivel car cushion

As people age, it may become harder to get up after sitting for a while. The elderly may find getting out of a car particularly difficult, especially if the car is low to the ground. If your elderly loved one experiences this struggle, gifting them a swivel car cushion may make their life easier.

Often, they’re a circular padded cushion that sits on a car seat. When someone is sitting on it and wishes to exit the car, it can help them turn to the side. This is a useful gift idea for the elderly who have arthritis or decreased mobility.

73. Walking assistant

Another great gift idea for the elderly is a walking assistant. Many elderly people may find themselves losing their balance sometimes or struggle with their mobility. A walking assistant can help them get about easier and safer.

There are many different types of walking assistants available including a rollator, walking stick or walking frame. If you’re considering this as a gift for an elderly loved one, consider which type would be the most suitable for them.

74. Long handled foot cleaning brush

Bending down to wash your feet can be difficult for elderly people, especially with reduced mobility or muscle soreness. Also, it can be dangerous to bend down in the shower as it’s likely to be slippery. If you’re thinking about a gift for the elderly that can make their life easier, a long handled foot cleaning brush can be a good idea.

Because of the extended handle, your elderly loved one won’t have to bend down to wash their feet. This can be particularly useful for the elderly with diabetes who are more susceptible to foot problems. If your elderly loved one needs help washing, our Personal Care service can also provide support with daily hygiene tasks like showering or using the bathroom.

75. Extra long shoe horn

Similarly, an extra long shoe horn could make a great gift if your elderly loved one finds bending down difficult. They eliminate the need for your elderly loved one to bend or overstretch to put on their shoes. Many are extendable and can be adjusted depending on the desired length.

An extra long shoe horn not only makes putting on shoes easier but they can also make it safer. As a result, this could encourage your loved one to leave their home more often, if they’re able to, which could positively impact their mental health. They also make excellent back scratcher’s too!

76. Elderly mobile phone

Another useful gift idea for the elderly which can support a range of conditions is a mobile phone for the elderly. They’re tailored specifically with the elderly in mind to support independent living. Usually, they’re lightweight and have a large screen and dialling buttons.

Some have a feature where if a certain button is pressed, a pre-saved emergency contact will be called which can be reassuring for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. They can also be used to track medication and set reminders.

77. Adaptive clothing

Many elderly people enjoy receiving gifts that make life easier. If you’re wondering what would make a useful gift for the elderly, adaptive clothing could be a great option. These are clothes that are designed to make dressing easier for the elderly. For example, they may feature Velcro fastenings or an elasticated waist.

Adaptive clothing can support a wide range of conditions. For example, loose fitting and elasticated trousers can be helpful if your loved one has a stoma. They can also be beneficial for people who have had a stroke and struggle to grip. Again, if your loved one needs help getting dress, learn­ more about our Personal Care service where a Carer can provide support with getting ready for the day.

78. Motion sensor light

If your elderly loved one struggles with mobility, a motion sensor light can help. They remove the need for your loved one to have to walk to the light switch which can improve safety. If your elderly loved one gets out of bed at night, the light will automatically turn on which means they don’t have to walk about in the dark.

There are a range of types such as ceiling lights, lamps and floor lights so they can see where they’re going when it’s dark. If you’re looking for a practical gift, this can be a suitable choice.

79. Vibrating alarm clock

If your elderly loved one is deaf or hard of hearing and struggles to wake up in the morning, a vibrating alarm clock can make a handy and practical gift. They work by using vibrations rather than an audible alarm to wake someone up. Because they don’t use sound, they’re especially useful for people who are deaf.

Vibrating alarm clocks can come in a range of styles. Some are like regular alarm clocks and are designed to go on a bedside table whereas others go under a pillow or can be worn like a watch.

80. Talking watch

Another gift idea for the elderly is a talking watch. They’re used like a normal watch but they read out loud the date and time when requested. Because of this, this gift could be ideal for someone who is blind or has limited vision.

There are many different styles of watch to choose from, ranging in size, material and colour. Sometimes not knowing the date or time can make someone feel anxious or restless, therefore, a talking watch can help to avoid these feelings.

81. Low vision keyboard

A low vision keyboard can be a great gift for the elderly who have a vision impairment. Often, letters on keyboards can be small which can make using a computer a struggle for the elderly. This is particularly the case if their vision isn’t strong.

If your loved one experiences this, a low vision keyboard can help. The letters on it are usually a lot larger than a regular keyboard and sometimes, high contrast colours are also used to make them clearer.

82. Braille board game

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for an elderly loved one who is visually impaired or blind, a braille board game can make a wonderful present. Many popular board games, such as Uno and Scrabble, have alternatives for visually impaired people which includes braille.

Having a visual impairment can make some people feel isolated if they can’t join in. Gifting your loved one a board game which you can play together can help mitigate these feelings. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with them!

83. Scrapbook

A meaningful present can be particularly effective if your loved one has dementia, reminding them of special memories. This is because as their dementia develops, their memory is likely to decline and they may begin to forget things more frequently. As a result, a scrapbook can make a lovely gift for someone with dementia.

Scrapbooks can be homemade, or you can even create one online. Typically, they’re filled with pictures and other mementos which can help people with dementia relive and recall fond memories.

Get well soon gifts

Are you wondering what to buy for someone in the hospital? Get well soon gifts after surgery or during a hospital stay should be practical and useful! Put some thought into what you think they would need so your gift will be appreciated during their convalescence.

Ranging from comfort items to personalised gifts and even health related necessities, our guide will have a suitable gift idea for everyone. But remember, sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is simply your time and attention.

84. Personal care items

If your loved one is recovering in hospital, personal hygiene items such as a hairbrush, nail files or dental floss can mean so much. These simple items can help someone to feel more like themselves when they’re bedbound or unable to take care of themselves.

85. Books

Being confined to a bed during recovery can often feel isolating and simply quite boring. Books are a great way to fill time and get lost in an alternate reality. For someone with poor vision or who doesn’t enjoy reading a physical hardcopy book, audiobooks are a great alternative. They can still enjoy the plot but enjoy listening to someone else read it to them. Ask your loved one what type of book they’d like or browse a local bookstore for something you think they’d enjoy.

86. Nightwear

Being in a hospital and wearing a hospital robe can feel uncomfortable and irritating if your loved one has sensitive skin and must wear it for several days. An ideal way to brighten their day and make them feel more comfortable are night clothes or a cosy dressing gown.

Be mindful of whether these are definitely a suitable gift for someone in the hospital, or whether they’ll get soiled or interfere with hospital equipment. If that’s the case, other items such as slippers or bed socks might be more appropriate and just as comforting.

87. Activity books

Recovering from an illness, injury or surgery may mean your elderly Mother or Grandmother has a lot of free time to fill which can result in boredom and frustration. Activity books are an enjoyable way to spend time and stimulate the brain. Activity books for crosswords, word searches or Sudoku can be purchased from local supermarkets or stationery stores and usually contain hundreds of puzzles. Regularly completing puzzles can improve attention and sharpen the mind, so it’s a valuable way of relaxing and relieving stress during a difficult time. They can make fun gifts for hospital patients!

88. Pillow spray

Something as simple as a lavender scented pillow spray can provide comfort during a hospital stay and improve sleep quality. Lavender is known for its relaxing effects and calming qualities. Spritzing a few sprays on their hospital pillow before bed each night is sure to help them feel calmer and sleep more peacefully in an unfamiliar place. A pillow spray could be a gift by itself or form part of a hospital care package or hamper.

89. Noise cancelling headphones

Hospitals never stop operating so they’re full of sounds at all hours of the day or night. A lot of noise can be overwhelming and distressing for an elderly person and can make it difficult for them to focus or fall asleep. Noise cancelling headphones are a good way to combat this and enable your loved one to ignore background noises. By having access to a tablet or smartphone, they can listen to a podcast or audiobook without disturbance.

90. Extra long charging cables

Extra long charging cables are a common and useful gift for someone during a hospital stay. The extra length means your loved one can charge electronic devices even when plug sockets are not nearby.

91. Sleep eye mask

One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to make sure your environment is completely dark. This isn’t always possible, especially in a hospital where lights are constantly on. A sleep mask is an affordable and portable solution to help block out light for better quality sleep. As a result, it could be one of the best comfort items for a hospital patient on this list!

Modern sleep masks come in many designs and materials so you can find one that’s comfortable and suitable for your loved one. Some can even block out both light and sound by also covering ears. Like weighted blankets, weighted eye masks deliver deep pressure stimulation that can calm the nervous system and lessen anxiety.

92. Supportive pillow

Having a good pillow can help to reduce pressure on our necks and backs while we sleep. An orthopaedic or supportive pillow helps to maintain the proper alignment of our naturally curved spines and reduces pressure while we sleep. Having poor pillow support while we sleep can result in poor quality of sleep which affects the way we function the next day. Gifting a supportive pillow to your loved one can improve their quality sleep and aid recovery during their hospital stay.

93. Hands, feet & lip balms

If your loved one suffers from dry skin, especially if they’re bedbound for an extended period, they may appreciate creams for their hands, feet or lips. Simple care items can make an immense difference to someone’s day when they’re recovering in an unfamiliar environment or even in their own home.

94. Cosy blanket

Staying in a hospital is not the most relaxing environment, so anything that can make the stay more endurable is bound to be appreciated. A cosy blanket is a lovely comfort item that could help your loved one feel more relaxed during recovery.

95. Food & drink hamper

Being in a hospital where you have no control over your meals can be difficult. A food hamper full of delicious foods and drinks are lovely get well soon gifts. Try including healthy foods such as fresh fruit and drinks like an assortment of flavoured teas so they can enjoy a variety of tastes. Always check with the hospital reception that the foods and drinks in your selection are acceptable to take into the hospital room.

96. Adult colouring books & pens

Who says colouring is just for children? Adult colouring books offer seniors a fun way to relieve boredom and relax! Colouring is a fun activity for Grandparents and Grandchildren to enjoy together, so if you’re visiting a loved one recovering from an illness or injury, it’s a nice way to bond and boost their mood. Colouring relaxes the brain and improves focus and attention. Many other benefits include reducing anxiety and stress due to the therapeutic nature of colouring, as well as improving motor skills.

97. Microwavable stuffed animal

Microwavable stuffed animals are a great get well soon gift for someone who suffers from feeling cold or who generally wants to feel cosy. They can be especially comforting if your elderly Mum or Nan is bedbound and recovering from an illness or injury. This might not be possible as a hospital gift due to the lack of an available microwave, but is a great comfort item when your loved one returns home.

Heat is a proven method for relieving muscle and joint pain and speeding up healing processes. Some microwavable stuffed animals contain scented oils such as lavender, so they produce calming fragrances when heated. The lavender scents help to put the body into a restful state and decrease anxiety. If you opt for a weighted stuffed animal, this can also provide gentle compression which can increase sleep quality, as well as lower blood pressure and heart rate.

98. Bed tray table

Unlike side tables or coffee tables, a bed tray table can be positioned on the bed which makes them an ideal gift for someone recovering from surgery or an illness. Having a tray table on the bed reduces the need to bend down or strain to reach items. Help your loved one focus on recovery in comfort with a variety of styles and adjustable options to suit everyone.

99. Low maintenance house plant

Not only do indoor house plants look appealing around the home, but they also provide many health benefits. They can improve mood and sense of wellbeing, boost recovery and increase concentration and attention. Indoor plants are known to reduce stress levels – some researchers have even used plants and horticultural therapy to increase feelings of wellbeing in people with depression, anxiety and dementia.8 If your elderly loved one is bedbound, low maintenance house plants make good get well soon gifts after surgery as they also improve air quality.

100. Quality time & company

The gift of quality time and good company is the most valuable gift you can give. As daily life gets busier and more hectic, it can be easy to lose touch with someone and not see them often. If you have an elderly loved one who’s recovering from surgery, an illness or injury, it’s a perfect opportunity to make time to do something with them that they enjoy. Show them love and affection by spending dedicated time together.

If they’re recovering in hospital, you could visit them and read aloud to them while they rest or play a board game together. Alternatively, if they’re recovering at home, you could join them for a movie night or complete household tasks on their behalf that may become overwhelming. If you’re unable to help with daily household tasks, you could also arrange for one of our Domestic Care Workers to help.

During convalescence, you could also join them for an outdoor walk and appreciate nature together or tend to their garden and keep it tidy.

Young female & elderly female smiling. Quality time as get well soon gifts

Tips for buying the perfect gift for the elderly

Thinking of different gift ideas for the elderly can be difficult. You may want the gift to have meaning, but you should also consider its practicality and if it’s something they’ll use. To help you choose the right gift for your elderly loved one, here are some questions you might want to consider:


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